This Mattress Can Tell If Your Partner’s Cheating On You

April 25, 2016

A mattress to catch the mistress.

Throw out your binoculars and trench coat because snooping on your partner just became a hell of a lot easier.

The Smarttress, created by Spanish company, Durmet, is the world’s first ‘love detection system’ and can detect if your bed is being used in a questionable way by your SO when you’re not at home.

Using a series of strategically placed sensors, the revolutionary mattress picks up ‘suspicious’ activity, and, once discovered, will send an instant notification to your smartphone.

The details captured by the mattress include impact, duration and intensity as well as speed and position. So it’s safe to say you’ll know whether your spouse is spending time getting hot and heavy with a 20-something with legs for days or just sorting through the dirty laundry.

Despite the fact customers may have trouble installing the device without their partner knowing and others believe the bed is a little OTT, Smarttress is hoping to entice skeptics with its tagline,  “The very first mattress that makes your body relax by night and your mind, when you’re not at home, by day.”

Though the technology is genius, the philosophy behind it has been questioned. After all, if you’re in a loving, trusting relationship, is spying on your partner really something you’d want to do, let alone feel ethically justified in?

Whether or not this high-tech gadget will become a success or remain an innovative gimmick is yet to be seen, but in the meantime, if you’re partner isn’t faithful, at least you’ll rest easy knowing your mattress is.

Comment: Do you think a mattress that spies on your partner is ethical? Would you use it?


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