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Why Do Men Think Mature Women Are So Hot?

Why Do Men Think Mature Women Are So Hot?

Hey ladies, do you want to know what men find super hot … Older women! It doesn’t matter if it’s young men or older fellas; the older, more mature woman is highly admired and lusted after in a big way. Sure, there have always been the odd Mrs Robinson or cougar dotted around, but the way men are swooning toward mature women, you don’t have to degrade yourself or dress like a teenager to hook up. In fact, men would rather women dressed their age, add a little sophistication mixed with sexy and they turn to putty.

It’s interesting that 40+ year-old women are now considered in their prime, whereas years ago the same women would have been put out to pasture. If she was single, she wouldn’t have been going out to places where single men were and she certainly wouldn’t have been encouraged to be sexy. That was reserved for younger women.

Feminism has certainly had a lot to do with the shift and men have been discovering just how much mature women have to offer. Instead of only having younger women to choose from they can now venture into uncharted territory and it seems they are delighted with society’s progress.

So what is it about the older women that men are finding irresistible? Well, it’s a combination of factors and it seems experience is pretty high up on the list. Rather than hunting down the vestal virgin, men actually seem to prefer a woman who knows her way around the house, garden, kids, life and – of course – the bedroom. They aren’t looking for the mummy thing either. Mature women seem to be more experienced in all aspects of living and for lots of men, that’s a big turn-on.

Another thing is, the older women generally doesn’t have time to stalk men either. They have a life filled with responsibilities and the last thing on their mind would be to hunt down Mr. X from Saturday night, text or call continuously and basically turns a one-night stand into a 3-month stalk! Of course not all younger women do this, but they generally have more time on their hands and for some players out there, that’s a scary thought.

Now the older women I’m talking about aren’t the ones you’re likely to see on Bogan Hunter either. Sorry ladies. Men like older women who are self-sufficient, self-reliant and who respect themselves. By that I mean the ones who won’t drink the bar dry, dress to impress rather than look like they are ready to perform at a strip club or get paid at the end of the evening, know how to hold a conversation, are comfortable with who they are, generally don’t have body image issues, have read a few books rather than the latest copy of Dolly and especially the ones who ooze confidence. The number one tip for all the ladies out there; a confident woman is a sexy one!

Don’t mistake confidence with sleaze or desperation though. Men still like to be men, regardless of their age and go on the hunt. If you throw yourself at them, there’s no thrill of the chase. Most men would figure that if you are throwing it out there for them, you have probably thrown it out there for everyone. Feminism might have made some mighty shifts, but the psyche of men in their quest for a mate, certainly isn’t one of them! You might be hot, but you will still need to play the game.

All that being said, if you are single and have the qualities discussed above, plus have a little mileage on the old clock, you my dear are a hot commodity. Don’t think for a second you aren’t as sexy as you were 20 years ago. In the eyes of many men you are like a fine wine and have gotten better with age. Next time you head out for a night out, slip on a mix of sophistication and sexy and violâ, you’ll be beating men of all ages off with a stick and remember you can afford to be fussy.

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