Meet The Brand Making Lipsticks Good Enough To Eat

January 11, 2018

Because lipstick is a staple whether you’re 12 or 100.

I’ve always preferred organic cosmetics.

As someone with troubled skin, I find using natural products always helps settle down acne and any other discomfort on my face. But as someone who also obsessively uses lip balm multiple times a day, ironically, I’ve never thought very much about the lip products I use.

The truth is, there are so many lipsticks out there, and as long as they work and are the right color, we tend not to look any further. But the ingredients used in making some of these products can actually be super harmful. Most lipsticks contain parabens, silicones, acetates and colorants, which can all be toxic and cause scary side effects, ranging all the way from irritation to cancer.

The thing with lipstick is, it’s not something we just put on our face; we actually indirectly eat it every time we use it. To put it into perspective, the average woman is estimated to ingest roughly seven to nine pounds of lipstick across the course of her lifetime, along with all of the harmful things which form the lippy.

The good news is, we don’t have to give lipstick up altogether to be more conscious about it, and better to our bodies.

Canadian brand, BITE Beauty, creates lipsticks entirely from food-grade and organic ingredients. Founder, Susanne Langmuir, who I met up with at the launch of her brand’s newest color collection, created the brand on the principle that, “You eat what you put on your lips, so your lipstick should be good for you”.

BITE lipsticks are formulated without parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, phthalates, and gluten, and instead, use hydrating butters and oils, food grade and certified organic ingredients and anti-aging resveratrol. Each product is delicately hand-made in small batches, as this allows the in-house team of manufacturers to ensure quality and retention of all the natural benefits of the organic ingredients.

“I like to use ingredients that have very basic criteria and are recognizable. So avocados, coconuts, fruit and a huge source of my inspiration is beets,” Langmuir told me.

Yep, beets. Langmuir fell in love with the deep purple of the humble vegetable, and so she uses them in her lipsticks. It’s genius, really.

BITE’s latest edition, the Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick collection, is good enough to eat.

“The ingredients are things you would recognize as delicious, as good for you and as high value. So the ingredients I choose are what they are in the formula in terms of functionality, and that is just as important as what they are in terms of adding value and nutrition.”

But creating a disruptive brand like BITE Beauty didn’t come to be without its doubts. When I asked Langmuir if she ever had moments of doubt, her response was pretty clear.

“Fuck yeah. It was hard. It was really hard,” she laughed.

“It’s an industry based on synthesized predictable ingredients. Polybutene is used in lip-gloss because we know it’s stable, it performs a certain way and it’s exactly the same specifications every time you get a drum of it regardless of which supplier you get it from.

“Whereas with natural ingredients, it’s like having two apples that are exactly the same. Things are always changing. So developing a process and formulas which maintain consistent quality but use these irregular ingredients was really challenging.”

Langmuir launched the brand’s latest edition; The Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipstick, late last year in 18 high-pigment shades that apply like a creamy gloss, with a semi-glaze finish.

From Left to Right: Braised, Candied, Caramelized, Chutney, Demi-glace, Eclair, Flambē, Infuse, Marsala, Purēe, Supreme, and Whip.

The coconut oil and nourishing Monoi butter used in the liquified lipsticks keep lips smooth and supple, no matter how many times you choose to re-apply lippy, which is a godsend for lipstick-a-holics like me, who know all too well how chapped and dry your pout can end up after a long day of wearing color.

As someone who previously hasn’t recognized the importance of putting natural, nourishing products on my lips, the Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks tick these boxes, while upholding quality and performance.

“Lipstick is a universal product. Nobody wants to compromise brand experience, packaging, texture, color range, performance –  if cosmetics don’t perform we don’t use them. As much as we’re learning about what to avoid for risk, we don’t transition to things that don’t work. That’s just the way it is,” Langmuir explained.

Fortunately for us, the end result BITE gives is an edgy, edible innovation for lips. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold.

Images via BITE Beauty and Instagram. All BITE Beauty products are available exclusively at Sephora.

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