Meet The Fitness Trend For Lazy Girls

July 20, 2016

No more excuses.

Finding time to exercise isn’t easy, but sometimes it’s not only the lack of time that keeps me from working out, but sheer laziness combined with the fact I easily get bored at the gym or in classes that last an hour.

Usually I’ve had enough after 20 minutes and wish time would pass faster so I can go back to my post-workout couch and Netflix routine – something I’m sure all fellow lazy girls will understand.

The ideal workout for me – and I’m sure most other women – has to be quick and effective. Cue, 9Round, the latest workout craze that might just be the savior for any lazy girl like me. In just 30 minutes of 9Round, you can burn 500 calories. That’s a lot. Compared to running, you’d need an hour to burn the same amount of calories, or 90 minutes of Pilates, or about two hours of Yoga #Ain’tNobodyGotTimeForThat.

How it works

9Round involves a circuit of nine interval training sessions structured into three minutes of intense cardio followed by one minute of active rest. From the second you start a session, you work out every muscle.

The kickboxing based exercise can be tailored to any fitness level thanks to the trainers, who are included in every session and will work you to your fitness capabilities.

“There are plenty of opportunities for you to work to your max within the nine rounds, or if you’re new to fitness then there are rest breaks and alternate exercise options if needed which your trainer can guide you with,” says 9Round trainer, Steve Irwin.

When to do it

With over 336 locations in eight countries and a session starting every three minutes, you can grab your daily exercise hit whenever you want, and choose a training time that fits into your schedule.

“Because there are no time slots and a new round starts every three minutes, you just turn up whenever suits, so if working out in the morning is the better option for you because your afternoons and evenings are busy then great,” explains Irwin.

“If not, and dropping in on the way home from work fits into your lifestyle better, then awesome.”

What about diet?

Irwin advises to fuel your body an hour before exercise, even if it’s just a banana in the early morning, and more importantly, to consume a healthy post-workout meal within 45 minutes after your training session, “to maximise the benefit of your workout.”

The workout rounds change daily so you never get bored, and as an additional motivation to give it your all for 30 minutes, everyone is asked to gong the bell as you leave. One gong signifies a poor workout, two an average one, and three shows everyone you’ve kicked butt and gave 100 per cent.

So in a nutshell, with 9Round you get unlimited, ever-changing, effective classes that run all day and only require 30 minutes of your time, plus the support of highly qualified trainers. I think I have literally run out of excuses to stay at home and be lazy.

Images via tumblr.com and giphy.com.

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