Woop! Woop! Meet Our New Car Winner!

November 21, 2016

Lori Deis is one serious sweepstake enthusiast.

There are those of us who enter a sweepstake to have a go. And then there are others who make it their mission to win.

Lori Deis is one of those people.

When the Alantown resident saw SHESAID’s sweepstake to win a car, she knew she wouldn’t stop until the keys were in her hand. And after over 300 entries (yep, you read that right), Lori’s dream became a reality.

“I needed a new car badly, my car was 13 years-old, so the ability to travel without fretting about breaking down on the road now is a dream come true,” the beaming winner said.

“For the first time in my life I have a brand new car, I am so thankful.”


Driving away in a gray Toyota Camry, the sweepstake fanatic already has plans for a road trip in her new wheels.

“I’m planning to travel to my parents’ house for a big family gathering later in the year. I can’t wait to show up in the new car!”

And in the meantime, the chuffed winner is enjoying going out to meet friends in her new ride.

“This is absolutely incredible winning a prize as amazing as this, I truly can’t believe my luck!” said Deis.

So what’s this sweepstake junkie’s advice to fellow prize-winning hopefuls?

“Just have hope and never give up, dreams really do come true. My new car is proof!”

Want to score your very own new car like Lori? Hit the button below to enter our new car giveaway, now!

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