Meet Us (We Don’t Bite!)

SHESAID has been entertaining and empowering women for almost two decades. With over 10,000 stories behind us, we’re written by women, for women.

Besides an enviable line-up of regular contributors from around the world with serious opinionating skills, SHESAID has a staple team based in our global HQs who are passionate about sharing their personal stories and telling it like it is.

Nadia Bokody, Global editor

Nadia is a journalist and editor with a penchant for hoarding makeup and an opinion on just about everything who hasn’t given up hope she’ll one day marry Channing Tatum.

Follow Nadia on Twitter: @nadiabokody

Elizabeth Laura Nelson, New York editor

Elizabeth lives in Brooklyn with her two daughters, occasional mice and innumerable to-do lists. She bakes a mean choc chip cookie and can always be persuaded to get up and sing at a karaoke bar.

Follow Elizabeth on Twitter: @AnotherAnnie

Kassi Klower, Assistant editor 

Kassi is a passionate and opinionated tea-drinker and cat-lover. She’s a proud feminist who is always sleepy, loves politics and lives for writing about social justice issues.

Follow Kassi on Twitter: @kassi_klower

Elizabeth Best, Modern dating writer

Elizabeth is a journalist and editor who’s great at providing relationship advice… for everyone but herself. She’s happy to share her own hilariously bad attempts at finding love, and in her spare time likes long walks down the makeup aisle. Follow her on Instagram.

Follow Elizabeth on Instagram: @TheBeautyPalate

Luisa Colòn, Beauty writer

Luisa has been writing and editing professionally since 1997, when she started working at New York magazine. Since then, her work has appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Times, New York, USA Today, Family Circle, Glamour, and many more. Luisa currently lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Sarah Friggieri, Travel writer 

Sarah is a writer with a penchant for the finer things in life, as well as a serious addiction to shoes, chocolate and travel.

Follow Sarah on Twitter: @journosarah 

Kerri Hoffman, Tech manager

Kerri is an activewear clad, beach babe who is a tech nerd at heart and keeps the site humming. If she isn’t at her desk keeping everything running, you can bet she’s squeezing in a quick personal training sesh.

Marine Philipon, Digital marketing associate

Marine is French, fabulous, and an avid boxing enthusiast. She’s SHESAID’s digital marketing and email expert, making sure our readers get their weekly newsletter on time, every time.

Gloria LoSocial media manager

Gloria is a music, meme and Facebook fanatic. She manages SHESAID’s social media strategy, ensuring that our newsfeed-scrolling readers are up to date on the latest life advice, trends and recipes.

Megan Twine, Receptionist

Meg is SHESAID’s resident receptionist extraordinaire and a sprinkle-covered bakeaholic with a tendency to daydream about her next vacay.

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