Meet The Trainer Behind Elle Macpherson’s Body

June 21, 2010

Elle Macpherson says “there is literally nobody better in the world than James for getting a woman’s body into amazing shape” and who are we to argue? James Duigan has just written Clean & Lean Diet, sharing his tip on how to eat healthy, eliminate the toxins from your life and get the most out of your exercise regime.

If we had to give up 1 thing should we give up alcohol, sugar or caffeine?

The answer is yes! With the exception of coffee which is fine if you have 1 or 2 cups a day. To be honest with you, sugar and especially alcohol is like a nuclear fat bomb exploding all over your body. They both age your body and face as well. I know that some people really cherish the odd glass of wine so just be sensible, try to limit it to once a week and really limit your sugar intake. Your body will thank you for it by being lean and fresh faced.

Is how we eat as important as what we eat?

Not quite, but nearly. Just by chewing properly (20-30 times per mouthful) you can make a huge difference in your body. It gets you eating slower, not wolfing stuff down without thinking, as well as improving your digestive function which is also super important for a healthy lean body. However, it doesn’t matter how many times you chew a Mars Bar and a can of Coke, it’s still crappy and bad for you, so eat well, eat clean and lean!

Why do you say good fat is so good for you?

Because it is! They are called essential fatty acids because we need them, they are essential. The benefits are amazing and just about everyone I have worked with has felt better straight away. Fish oils reduce inflammation in the body which is really important for optimal health and a lovely lean body.

Does skipping meals really harm more that it helps if we are trying to lose weight?

Absolutely, it sends your body in to starvation insurance, slowing the
metabolism down and stopping you burning fat. Eat regularly to keep your
metabolism ticking over. Other than that, it’s just not healthy to be hungry, for your body or your mind. The key is to be good to yourself, remember that you deserve to look and feel good. My book is a blueprint for a beautiful, healthy body so please try it for yourself and share it with the people you love.

Come back next week to read the second part of our interview with James Duigan on his favourite exercise secrets.

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