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Would You Let Your Man Wear Meggings?

Would You Let Your Man Wear Meggings?

First we had the man purse. Now we have meggings. And it’s exactly what you think it is: male leggings.

Sure, designers may have sent their male models down the runway in leggings, rock stars have worn tight leather pants for decades, and hipsters have cannibalised the skinny jeans market, but is the world ready for the everyday man to wear tight lycra pants?

Chicago-based company Meggings Man specialises in “leggings for the modern man” and they come in a range of styles including classic black, gold metallic, camouflage and polka dot. They cost $US29.95-39.95 ($34-45).

They suggest pairing meggings with t-shirts, singlets, jackets and hoodies, along with heavy boots, “layering them under shorts or even wearing two pairs of different colours and pushing up the legs of the top layer.”

Men’s magazine GQ has taken a firm stand against meggings, simply declaring: “No.”

What do you think about meggings? Would you let your man wear meggings?

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