Melbourne Fashion Week Highlights

March 26, 2002

The best from Melbourne Fashion Week

We’ve selected our favourites from Melbourne Fashion Week.

Andrea Rembeck

Bettina Liano

Wayne Cooper


Shiny, happy hair

Booking a hairdresser a year in advance on the off-chance of being invited to the do of the year might seem a little keen. But last night the bevy of beauties who were invited to the Oscars would have booked with the best months ahead so they could walk the red carpet with shiny locks. Alright you may not get to attend the Oscars but you have to forget, the grungy, day-old-looking locks of the past. These days’ true stars like Gwyneth, Nicole and Jennifer are strutting their stuff with shiny, polished manes. Hairdresser Jo from Lily Jackson Hair says, ” Women love a shiny, polished look because it brings out the richness of their hair colour and it also looks incredibly healthy.” If you didn’t have time to strike up your own hair’s shiny luster last night – start now. Grab a gloss-enhancing product (we recommend Bumble and Bumble Defrizz- available at and spritz it onto wet hair. The spray will seal the hair’s cuticles and leave a light-reflecting surface. Blow dry with a paddle brush so you have smooth, shiny hair. Get your own star ‘do’.

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