Melbourne’s Best Weekend Getaways

August 31, 2015

We all know Monday to Friday can be a drag, but sadly, annual leave may not always be within reach. A weekend getaway, however, could be just what the doctor ordered! So for all you Melbournian’s pining for a holiday, we’ve put together Melbourne’s best weekend getaways to help you unwind in true style!

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Philip Island

Located south, south-east of Melbourne, Philip Island was formed nearly 6,000 years ago and is home to hundreds of penguins and other wildlife. From sprawling coastlines to some of Victoria’s best fish and chips, this island has it all.

Its cold climate and strategic location make it a popular meeting place for adorable penguins that will fill your heart with joy. The penguins are particularly fond of the island during the Easter and Christmas break when thousands of tourists flock to the shore to see them make their way to and from the water.

But penguins are not the only reason we love Philip Island as a weekend getaway – it’s also home to a mouth-watering chocolate factory and delightful family-fun activities like mini golf and mind-boggling mazes and optical illusions.

The Great Ocean Road

If you love the magic of nature, then the Great Ocean Road could be your perfect pre-Christmas break. Offering unmatched scenic beauty along Victoria’s east coast The road stretches from Torquay to Geelong, stopping in tourist hot spots like Apollo Bay and Port Fairy along the way. Home to the 12 apostles – one of natures greatest limestone formations and some of Victoria’s most picturesque beaches – no trip to Victoria is complete without a road trip down the Great Ocean Road.

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Peace and relaxation are just two of the things you can look forward to during a weekend spent at Daylesford. Housing numerous natural mineral spas and wellness centres you can live and breath the natural springs. Spend your days fishing, or strolling through the local markets and browsing the shelves of the towns historical library – if you only get two days, make them count.


Take a trip through times past at Victoria’s very own gold field in the town that gave birth to the historical gold rush. Pan for gold and dress up in period style attire at Sovereign Hill or walk the historical villages and embrace the town’s rich cultural history. Your options are truly endless in this thriving municipal.

You get two days a week to relax – and while it may not seem like much, it’s more than enough time to create lasting memories.

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