11 Men Reveal How They Knew They Were In Love

June 19, 2017

Get ready to have all the feels…

Is there anything better than being in love? No matter how much of a cynical front we may try to put on, everyone’s chasing that feeling of contentment and happiness that comes from loving – and being loved by – that special person who makes your heart skip a beat.

But how do you know when you’re really in love? It’s different for everyone, and in every situation. And perhaps surprisingly, studies have shown that men tend to fall in love faster than women do.

We asked 11 men about the moment they knew they were in love with their partner, and their answers ranged from the adorably romantic (“I saw her from afar and just knew”) to the nerdy (“She loves video games!”) to the pedestrian (“I was just ready”).

One thing is for sure – every story is as different as the guy who tells it. And for every one of these, there are a thousand more out there. So if you haven’t met your match yet, don’t despair. One day someone will be telling a story about you

men in love

1. “She was always telling me about this other guy she was dating, who was a total asshole to her. We were just friends; I was the person she’d unload on and ask for advice. One day I got so mad, and I didn’t know why – then I got it. I was in love with her, and I was so pissed that she was with this guy who was treating her like crap. It took a while for anything romantic to happen between us, but that was the moment I knew I loved her.” – Ken, 27

2. “My father was in the hospital, and I was a complete wreck; I could hardly function. I thought for sure our relationship would sort of fade out because my whole focus was on my family. But she stuck around and supported me through it.”  – Will, 32

3. “One look at those blue eyes of hers and I was a goner. That’s all it took. Sorry if that’s shallow, but it’s true.” – Neil, 43

4. “She was the first person I ever felt comfortable just being myself with. I didn’t have to put on an act or try to be a certain kind of person for her. I knew she accepted me for who I was, and that made me love her.” – Tim, 26

men in love

5. “She’s the only girl I ever met who loves playing video games as much as I do. The first time we stayed up all night playing Call of Duty, I knew I was in love.” – Brian, 29

6. “I’d been in a lot of relationships before, but something always felt off. With her, everything just clicked into place and felt easy. I guess I was ready to settle down, and she caught me at the right time. I was ready to be in love, and there she was.” – Jordan, 36

7. “I was waiting to meet some woman from online for a drink, kind of regretting setting up the date, when I saw this beautiful girl crossing the street and thought, ‘I wish I was meeting her instead of this random Internet person. That’s who I should be with.’ Turns out, that girl was my date.” – Brad, 52

8. “When I’d hang out with her, my cheeks would ache from smiling so much.” – Keith, 44

men in love

9. “I fall in love with her again every single day. Every morning when I wake up and see her face next to me in bed, I think about how lucky I am.” – Matt, 38

10. “She has this huge gummy smile, and her ears stick way out – she’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I don’t know; when I look at her, it’s just like my heart cracks open. I can’t explain it.” – Jason, 24

11. “There wasn’t one certain moment when I knew I was in love; it’s just a feeling I always had with her, like we ‘got’ each other. Over time, it grew into this feeling of safety and reassurance, that we’d always be there for each other, no matter what. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.” – Frank, 54

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