Science Says Men Are Too Threatened To Date Smart Women

October 31, 2015

Turns out you really are too good for him.

Throw away that book in your hand and don’t you dare finishing your degree if you ever want to date a man again. At least this is what a new study suggests, which says that men prefer to date less intelligent women *insert shocked face here*.

Three US universities carried out tests involving 105 men who were presented with hypothetical scenarios in which the women over or underperformed the guys in maths classes. The male participants were then asked to rate the women as potential dating partners and then, men did what they do best; they said one thing, but did another.

While their ratings reflected interest in the intelligent women, reality proved what we had all been expecting: when put in the same room with both the over and underperforming women, the guys clearly mingled with and showed more interest in the women who had not done so well in the maths test. They even rated them more attractive and good-looking. Bummer.

According to Dr Lora Park, who conducted the study, “some preliminary evidence suggested that this was due to men feeling more threatened — in terms of feeling less masculine — after the woman outsmarted them when she was closer to him.”

In other words, men think intelligence is a masculine attribute. And it gets worse. According to a British study, men rated photos of women who looked naive, drunk, or overall clueless more attractive than photos of women who looked confident and well put together. Excuse me, is this 2015? I suddenly feel like a 1950s housewife.

Women have fought extremely hard for the right to get an education. In some countries, going to school is still a privilege reserved for men only, which is one of the most effective ways of oppression and the root of inequality. So basically, men who prefer less intelligent women have a very patriarchal way of thinking and need to get over their need to feel superior.

If these studies are representative of the majority of men, it’s a great motivation to become a lesbian and find an equally (or more) intelligent wife with several degrees, because us women, we have the balls not to feel threatened by intelligence.

I haven’t given up hope that men will get over their masculinity issues one day and understand that supporting your girlfriend or wife (including her education and aspirations) can be one of the manliest qualities ever. Otherwise, I will happily live a fun single-life with my intelligent girlfriends, Sex & The City style. After all, we don’t really need men for anything anymore. Well, almost.


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