Men Think About Sex 19 Times A Day (That’s Twice As Much As Women)

December 1, 2011

Sex obsessed? Or just hungry? A new study has found that men now think of sex 19 times a day – that’s nearly as much as they think about food, at 18 times a day.

It looks like that old joke about men thinking about sex every seven seconds might be a thing of the past, as the team from Ohio State University have found. Thinking of sex every seven seconds? That’s 8,000 sexy thoughts on an average 16 awake hours.

“What we found was so far away from this strongly held stereotype,” said Terri Fisher, professor of psychology and lead author of the study to be released in the Journal of Sex Research. “For men to grow up being told that men think about nothing but sex, I think, is discrediting toward men.”

But it’s still a lot more than women, who think about sex 10 times a day. So what are we thinking about? Seems we’ve got food on the brain, as women think about food 15 times a day!

What do you think? Do women have sex on the brain as much as men?

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