What Men Want – Love, Sex And Romance

October 6, 2014

If you think all men want a hot blonde with a DD chest to parade around, then you need to know this: Men really aren’t as superficial as women believe. Think about it – if they were, the survival of the species just wouldn’t happen. Just like us ladies, there are variations between individuals but, generically, most are looking for the exact same thing women are.


Don’t think for a second that men don’t want love. Even the most eligible bachelor, who can have almost any women on the planet, eventually finds a special lady to settle down with, have a family and get on with living a good life. Take George Clooney, for example.

When they do fall in love, they fall pretty hard. They might not talk about it like women do, but they experience the same emotions. Remember when Tom Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah’s couch? Now that was a pretty unusual display of emotion for a man in love. Most have a happy glow about them and avoid conversations about it. They might praise their lady or talk her up, instead of stating the obvious fact that they are in love.

When things go pear-shaped and there’s a break up, they can actually take a lot longer to get over the relationship than women. Unlike us females, who talk through their emotional pain with our closest friends, men internalize a lot of it and suffer in silence. They are bred to tough it out alone and that’s exactly how a lot of them feel – isolated. Most of the time they don’t dare let their mates know they’re broken-hearted. That’s why it’s not uncommon for men to start drinking, gambling, work excessively or have a string of one-night-stands to fill the void after a long-term relationship ends.


When it comes to romance, ladies aren’t the only ones who want it. But there’s a minimal number of men who would actually admit that they want more romance in their lives. For men, romance is about connection. For women, it’s more about being made to feel special and appreciated, as well as the connection. Both sexes like snuggling on the couch, hold hands while walking along the beach and all that other stuff that fills romantic comedies. They just don’t like to admit to it like us girls do!


Now, we all know that men want sex, but many of us ladies haven’t been educated that men would rather have sex with emotional connection. So, what about one-night stands? You’d have to agree that most would be alcohol-fuelled, when people meet at clubs, pubs or parties. Neither sex would therefore care very much about that emotional connection in this type of situation. Outside of that environment, single men will go for a friends-with-benefits type arrangement instead. It works if they don’t want a girlfriend and still want that emotional connection.

So, you can see here, that men aren’t that different in their wants and needs than many women. It’s a myth that men and women are completely different. The main difference is that men are usually less vocal about how they think and feel. Once you’ve got that sussed, men are much easier to figure out.

Image source: http://www.albawabhnews.com/upload/photo/news/29/5/600x337o/497.jpg

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