Men’s Grooming 101 With Tom Williams

April 9, 2013

Do you know a Weekend Werewolf – those guys with the scruffy, scratchy beards? Tom Williams chats to SheSaid about 70s moustaches, how long he takes to get ready and what no man should leave home without.

Which celebrity has the best facial hair?

I love Kram from rock n roll band Spiderbait, he has the bushiest beard and it really suits him. I couldn’t imagine him without it now.

What’s the craziest facial hair you’ve ever sported?

I did the 70’s cricketer’s moustache and side burns one summer holiday, that did not last long!

Fess up, how much time do you spend getting ready to go out on a daily basis?

Honestly I’m not one of those guys who spends a lot of time getting ready, a shower, a good close shave, small amount of product in the hair and some moisturiser on my face, dressed and out the door.

What’s the best grooming tip you can share with your fellow Aussie bloke?

Best grooming tip is keep your razor sharp and replace the cartridge often – a fair amount of men’s skin irritation during shaving is because of a dull razor. Use a good sunscreen when your outside and moisturise every morning and night. Keep it simple.

You’re a big traveler – what do you never leave home without?

I never leave home without a positive attitude to travel and a solid realisation that sometimes things go wrong. Pack lightly and don’t forget a Gillette ProGlide….I always need to keep up appearances!

Do you know a Weekend Werewolf? You know, those guys who sport scruffy, unkempt and scratchy beards all because they can’t be bothered to shave. Gillette has found that the majority of Australian women aged 18-49 years rate clean shaven men sexier and 80% of women prefer kissing a cleanly shaven guy. Only 4% of men feel more successful with ladies when sporting a beard opposed to 50% when clean shaven.

And in terms of their careers, clean shaven is still the norm when it comes to getting ahead. The Gillette study showed that 87% of men only feel ready for work once the stubble is removed and that a majority of high income earners (72%) are clean shaven.

It also seems most men are traditionalists at heart and know when a clean shave is the most appropriate look for certain events or activities with most Weekend Werewolves willing to sacrifice their stubble/beards for an important event such as a wedding (64%), night out with friends (51%), a date (50%) or a work function (49%).

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