Michelle Bridges Is Dating Steve “Commando” Willis

May 25, 2013

The cat’s out of the bag – The Biggest Loser co-stars Michelle Bridges and Steve “Commando” Willis are dating.

Bridges, 43, confirmed on the Kyle and Jackie O show on Friday that she is now dating her fellow trainer Willis, 36.

Bridges split from her husband of nine years Bill Moore in March, while Willis split from his de facto wife Froso earlier this month. The couple have three children.

”I’ve come out of the closet,” Bridges told Jackie O.

”I haven’t even gone out on a date yet for goodness sakes, how can I when I have 10 paparazzi camped out the front of my house…”

The duo stepped out together at last week’s InStyle Women of Style Awards but both continued to deny they were anything more than friends, despite Froso saying they were having an affair.

In this week’s Who magazine, Bridges admits that she needs to tell the truth as that’s what she expects from her fitness clients.

”I’m calling people on their stuff, that’s my job. ‘So if I’m asking them to be honest with what’s going on in their lives and have straight conversations with their partners and families, then I need to be doing that as well.

”The relationship I have with Steve has definitely got stronger and has developed. But it’s in the early, early stages,” she admits.

”I mean, Jesus, you don’t go shouting to your friends and colleagues and parents that you’ve met someone after five minutes. That’s why it’s been a struggle for me – I don’t want to shout it from the rooftops and anyone who has dated would understand that situation. We wanted time to explore how we both feel.”

Despite opening about their burgeoning relationship, Bridges maintains it’s in the early stages. ”I haven’t been on a proper date with him yet. But we hope to do that soon… But at least now if things continue to develop and Steve and I go out for a drink or a coffee, I’ve spoken about what is happening.”

She also stressed that they did not cheat on their respective partners. “I would definitely like to clarify that we have only had a development in our feeling for each other since we both separated from our respective partners. That for me is really important,” she said denying there had been an affair.”

Do you think Michelle Bridges and The Commando would make a good couple?

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