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Michelle Bridges’ Tips For Back At Work Lunches

Michelle Bridges’ Tips For Back At Work Lunches


Michelle Bridges believes we should look after our health – and the environment. As an ambassador for SAFCOL tuna, she supports the brand’s sustainable “pole and Lline” fishing method as opposed to the more traditional “Purse Seine” method, which catches excess unnecessary marine life in nets while fishing for tuna – known as by-catch. SAFCOL is one of only two canned tuna brands in Australia that fish sustainably.

“Tuna is a convenient and healthy staple in my diet, rich with omega 3 and protein to keep me energised and ready to to,” says Michelle. “I was shocked to learn of the destructive ways the tuna gets from the ocean to the tin – so now I only eat tinned tuna that is responsibly caught with a pole and line – SAFCOL tinned tuna.”

With this in mind, Michelle has put together these top tips for healthy lunches that are also sustainable: great to keep in mind every day.

1. Portions

You don’t have to miss out on the variety of great foods available to us at lunchtime. Have sensible portions and enjoy an occasional treat.

2. Think sustainability

Consider how your food has ended up on the table. Purchase responsibly sourced products like Safcol Tuna and head out to the local fruit and veg shop.

3. Go for a lunchtime walk

Get outdoors during lunch…You will work better in the afternoon and sleep much better at night.

4. Recycle

Glass, cardboard, paper and plastic – pop it in the recycle bin at work! Simple but it all helps!

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