Mindful Meditation: What is it?

March 21, 2014
Mindful Meditation

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that will help you get more in tune with yourself and relieve stress and anxiety. It’s a useful technique for all people wantingto become calmer in social interactions, process stressful situations, improve your mood, and boost your mental and physical health. Here are some tips that will help introduce you to mindful meditation.

Tip 1: Find a Quiet Place to Exist

You cannot focus on the present without a quiet and comfortable place to think. If your children are running around while you are trying to meditate, this will not help you focus on your breathing. When you find a quiet place it should contain a chair or a mat for you to sit on. Your head, neck, and back should remain straight and relaxed.

Tip 2: Learn to Remain in the Present

You should learn to remain in the present. Put aside all of your thoughts of the past and your goals for the future and remain focused on the quietness in the room. This will help you switch off.

Tip 3: Be Aware of Your Breathing

Be aware of your breathing. Focus on how your body feels as air moves in and out of your body as you breathe. You can place your hand on your stomach and become aware of how it rises and falls as the air enters your nostrils and leaves your mouth. You should be aware of how you breath and the way it feels. This will help you through the process.

Tip 4: Be Mindful of Every Thought During this Exercise

Make a mental note of every thought as it comes and goes. It could be a fear, an anxiety, a hope, or a fear. When the thoughts pop into your mind, remain calm, be aware of them and breathe. This is an important part of meditation as you learn to calm the thoughts.

Tip 5: Observe Where Your Mind Goes and Remain Aware

During the process, you should not judge your thoughts. You should simply note where your mind goes and continue to focus on your breathing. Do this with a soft smile, and even angry thoughts will melt away and feel less important as when they entered your mind.

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