Minxy Vintage Book Review

October 17, 2011

Minxy Vintage, by Kelly Doust. Published by Murdoch Books, RRP $45.00.

Do you browse through vintage or retro clothes at flea markets and wish you had the knack to breathe new life into the dated frocks, skirts and smocks?

Do you watch Mad Men and drool over the clothes and wish you had the creative flair to customise your wardrobe with that same personal style? Well help is at hand with Kelly Doust’s new book “Minxy Vintage” How to customise and wear vintage clothing.

Crafter, fashionista and vintage vixen Kelly Doust delves through her wardrobe and scours flea markets far and wide to bring together a fabulous collection of delectable vintage finds. This is not just a book about loving vintage fashion: it’s about seeing the wonderful possibilities for updating all
old clothes, and how to look fabulous doing so, no matter what your age, location or budget.

“Kelly Doust introduces readers to her wonderful world of reviving and customising vintage pieces, while bringing a modern and unique twist to wearing vintage clothes” – Dita Von Teese.

Whether you’ve been trotting out in vintage forever, or you’ve come late to the vintage trend, quality vintage
pieces are a modern staple of every woman’s wardrobe for their unique beauty and flair. But how do you find
the best vintage pieces, or know them when you see them? And how can you customise and wear them, without
looking dated? Kelly Dousts knows how and in her book “Minxy Vintage” she shows you how it is all possible.

Janie Bryant Costume Designer from Mad Men raves about Kelly Doust. “Kelly Doust is a girl after my own heart, reinventing vintage finds to suit her personal style. Her
book is a vintage vixen’s guidebook for the chic: just read, shop, recreate, and repeat. Her finds are exquisite and her reinvention tricks are inspiring and achievable for even the newest vintage shopper among us. You can’t help but get inspired by her vintage acumen.”

Kelly guides you as to what to look for even if you are at the beginning of your vintage search, she tells you what to look for and her top tips for vintage shopping are essential reading to help you discern whether something is worth investing the time and money in.

She gives you all the information you will need about buying a great frock, the “ultimate fashion staple” in her book, even advice on buying a vintage wedding dress! Jackets and coats don’t miss out either with Kelly’s advice and our Shesaid favourite is her chapter on “Foxy Accessorising” including guidance on buying beaded clutches, costume brooches and even cowboy boots!

Kelly Doust is the bestselling author of The Crafty Minx, The Crafty Kid and A Life in Frocks. She has been scouring flea markets and charity stores for vintage fashion, fabric and homewares from her early teens, and making and reinventing things in her own trial and-
error way since she was a girl. This is the perfect present for a girlfriend, sister or if you really want to explore your creative side and buy it for yourself!

If you want to really get in the “Minxy Vintage” spirit then join in the Vintage Treasure Hunt.

Photography by Anthony Ong.

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