Miranda Kerr’s Family: “We Haven’t Seen Her in a Year”

February 10, 2014

Miranda Kerr’s parents have revealed they haven’t seen their famous daughter in over a year.

In Tuesday’s docudrama Family Confidential on the ABC, Kerr’s mum Therese, father John, brother Matthew and grandmother Ann admitted they are now estranged from Kerr, and appealed for the supermodel to come back to Australia and visit with her son Flynn.

John reveals it was Orlando Bloom, not Miranda, that called him to tell him they were ending their three-year marriage.

“I remember him saying “we’re always going to be family” and that’s how we’ll treat Orlando, Miranda and Flynn. We’re all family.”

Her father says that he now wished his daughter had married a “nobody”, someone who was completely out of the limelight.

“After what I know now I would rather she did just marry a nobody because you really can’t get that family time by yourself,” he says. “I just hope Flynn grows up and he wants to be with his nan and pop.”

Kerr, 30, was especially close with Therese, who was CEO and general manager of her skincare line Kora Organics, but was asked to step down last February, and grandmother, posting a photo of the three of them in bed in December on her Instagram page.

“I miss the baby and I think he’s missing out on family, that closeness that we have always had,” said Ann.

“It’s very nice where they are but nothing like Australia, nothing, and I think hopefully Flynn might end up here. We just keep our fingers crossed.” 

Therese speaks emotionally about having to “let go” of her daughter, and that she sends her text messages of love and support, which are not always reciprocated.

“We have been best friends for most of our life. We used to talk just about every day.

“What I have had to do is let go and allow her to be assertive and lead her own life and I guess for any mum that’s a little bit challenging sometimes to do that.”

Therese, who is soon to launch her own skincare line Divine by Therese Kerr, says that Kerr lives a completely different life now than from her upbringing in Gunnedah, country NSW.

“Miranda’s life is so different now (and) she’s surrounded by yes people all the time,” explained Therese.

John adds: “I wish she was just a normal, everyday girl, I really do.”

Kerr’s rep says she wasn’t able to be part of the show because of

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