Book Review: Misconceptions

June 3, 2003


A Novel of Births, Deaths and what happens in between.

Terry McGee

PanmacmillanDr Julia Kent has a busy beachside obstetrics practice, and delivering babies is what she loves doing. This is the story of a successful, single mum that is also performing miracles on a regular basis by delivering new life in the world. With hardly enough time for herself and her teenage daughter, Emma,and her best friend Angie, love is the furthest thing from Julia?s mind, until she meets Patrick. At first Patrick seems to be everything that her ex-husband wasn?t. Like open and honest for starters. But sometimes looks can be deceiving, and just when Julia feels her life is full and happy again and she has finally let go of the past, her life is turned upside by an unexpected arrival – a malpractice lawsuit. Julia needs all of her strength and determination to see that her life both personally and professionally isn?t ruined by courtroom drama. This is a fabulous first novel by an Australian woman; Terry McGee, who herself is a qualifed Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, wife and mother of two children!

by a highly publicised negligence case involving a female doctor, (who by all accounts was of the highest calibre) but as a result of the court case never practiced medicine again. An intriguing story that’s well worth a read.

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Louise Limerick


This is the story of five women in a Brisbane mothers’ group that share a special friendship. They meet to chat over coffee discussing life and their common connection, their children. All appears to be going well until new Baby Amy disappears and then so does Evelyn, the baby?s distraught mother, who ends up in a psychiatric hospital. Evelyn won’t talk to anyone and everyone in the group copes with their grief in their own way. Joanna is dying for cake, Clare dreams of painting again and Susan wants to turn back the clock of time,

regain all the time she?s lost and Wendy just wants to forget the past. This is a rare insight into the transformation into motherhood and beyond. This novel takes you through the full spectrum of emotions when a tragedy occurs and forces to you to ask yourself how you would react in the same situation. Louise Limerick is a young Brisbane mother of three children and this is her first novel. You?ll laugh, you?ll cry but most of all you will identify with at least one of the women in this powerful first novel.

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Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker

Bessie Bardot and Geoff Barker, both models themselves, are better known around the Sydney social scene for how much skin they are showing or how spectacularly their modelling agency went bust last year rather than their literary skills. Suprisingly, their first writing collaboration isn?t half bad. Casting Couch Confidential is a collection of the most outrageous, unbelievable and down-right dirty things that go on in the world of modelling. Based on real-life accounts from models, photographers and industry insiders this is a warts-and-all look at ?the ugly business of the beautiful people?- the modelling industry. Riotous acts of sexual favours, orgies, drugs, and explotiation fill the 340 pages to the brim of this tell-all novel. As Bessie Bardot, 27 (surprisingly, not her real name) said in a recent interview the book will appeal to three types of readers ?Suburban mothers who want an insight into a world they see in New Idea; inner-city people who?ll want to see if they are in it; and hopefully the mothers of daughters who want to get into modelling?. If you thought some people would do anything to be famous, then after reading this you’ll know it?s true!

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