Make-Up Palette- It is time to be Creative with a Colourful Paletette

November 2, 2000

Every once in a while, a product lands on our desks that we’re happy just to look at and not touch. To deface it with fingermarks would be a crime. It seems that the make-up palette is the new thing, they are coming in all shapes and sizes. They are all extremely versatile as well? either full of lip stains or eyeshadows. The great thing is they are so small they can slip into your little sequined bag. It is time to invest in a palette. Check out our faves. The best place to find these little jewels is at Mecca Cosmetica or David Jones.

  1. Laura Mercier Peinture des Levres
  2. Trish McEvoy Four Lipgloss Compact
  3. Stila 8-pan Deluxe
  4. Hard Candy Lip Sync Quartet

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