Mobile dating, tv & movies

March 7, 2006

Mobile dating, tv & movies

Technology is moving at a speed faster than most of us can comprehend. Despite 3G technology having been launched into the community over two years ago, reports such as the one compiled by IDC Research have suggested that Australians still don?t have much of an idea about the technology it includes. Most of us are baffled by the concept of watching television, downloading video tracks and searching the internet on our mobile phones.

Being the cutting edge chicks that we are at SheSaid, we decided to test out this 3G caper ourselves! When 3G was first launched in Australia, it was promoted mainly as cheap voice calls with Hutchison. The 3G that the major networks are now promoting includes much more than simply phone calls. Users can now visit channels covering music, sports, news, entertainment, games and an ever increasing network of benefits.

In order to access 3G, you need a new phone or sign up to a new plan. With Vodafone, there are phones available to buy for anywhere between $399 for the Sony Ericsson V600i and $1,199 for Sharp’s 903. You can use them on the monthly cap plans of $49, $79 and $149 options and although you can browse for free on Vodafone, most of the downloaded 3G content will be charged on a usage basis (apart from the video calling which is included in the cap).

When you?ve got the phone, the best way is to experiment with the content. The main difference between Vodafone?s Live service and the 3G one is the quality: subscribers to Vodafone Live (on 2.5G) can access text based information however the new 3G entertainment is moving content. You can know exactly what?s going on in the world with live news streams from Sky News and Fox Sports $2.99 each per month). There is mobile TV which shows exclusive content such as South Park and their mobisodes 24: Conspiracy and Love and Hate (from $1.49), perfect if you?re waiting to meet someone and have a few minutes to kill. If games are your thing, you can download 3D games such as King Kong and FIFA 06 or retro classics such as Pacman and Space Invaders (from $3). Music is another big part of 3G, and you can download music or video tracks ($2.79 per song). Although there are over 100,000 songs to choose from, the choice seemed limited and was restricted to recent top 40 songs such as The Veronicas and Jessica Simpson. Finally, there?s video calling which is a great way to keep in touch and is surprisingly good quality.

3 has been promoting their 3G services for a few years and has recently rolled out a new bevy of services. Reasonably similar to Vodafone, it features live satellite streamed news from CNN ($4.00 per month) and regularly updated Sky News and ABC video bulletins. It?s got the games ($7.00 to buy, although rental options available), the music downloads ($3.00 per track) and quite a good selection of mobile TV including E!, ABC Kids, Cartoon Network ($4.00 for each channel per month). 3 seems to be adding to their 3G network quite rapidly and have a unique selection of additional features. The blokes would have loved the cricket streaming of the 3 Mobile Test Series. No matter where you were, you could watch each wicket of the Channel Nine coverage on your mobile phone! Another novel concept is RSVP on the phone. For $4 per month, you can sign up to RSVP and search both video and photo profiles for your perfect match. You can even send kisses to potential matches and find out immediately by SMS whether that cutie has shown interest in you. When you sign up, your profile is immediately posted on the RSVP website, so you can receive SMS and Email from both internet and 3 subscribers. That?s a lot of men to choose from!

By Caitlin Wright

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