Model marries drummer on stage at Aerosmith gig

November 4, 2003

Model marries drummer on stage at Aerosmith gig

In a wedding ceremony that could only happen in Las Vegas, model Mia Tyler has married Papa Roach drummer David Buckner in front of thousands of people during an Aerosmith concert in Las Vegas. Tyler, 24, and Buckner, 27, tied the knot on stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. But never fear, her dad was still there to do the fatherly thing and give his daughter away. The father in question is none other than Aerosmith frontman, Steve Tyler, who told the audience: “Hey Vegas, I need a favour, my daughter wants to get married tonight. Can I get a witness?”

Minnie Driver to give up Hollywood for Cambodian sweat shop

Minnie Driver, the perennial party girl, is giving up her champagne and partying ways to help drive awareness of unfair global trade agreements by working in a sweat shop in South-East Asia. Minnie will leave behind her spunky tennis star boyfriend, Robby Ginepri, and her exclusive Notting Hill apartment to experience poverty in Cambodia. The English actress wants to highlight how Western clothing companies use “slave labour” in Third World countries by working for “weeks, perhaps months” alongside teenagers in Phnom Penh. Driver,32, is currently working on the film version of Phantom of the Opera told the UK?s Evening Standard that she will use her fame to raise awareness of unfair global trade agreements. She said: “I hope to make a documentary or at least write a book – with the help of a photographer friend of mine from the Washington Post – about working in a sweatshop in Cambodia. Good on ya Minnie!

Christina wanted to be named worst dressed celebrity

Believe it or not but Christina Aguilera is disappointed she is not number one again! But it isn?t the US Billboard charts she is talking about, her disappointment comes from not being named one of the world’s worst dressed celebrities! Yeah right! That?s a list we all want to be on isn?t it? The pop tartlet who is well-known for her poor taste in fashion says she loved being criticised for her for what she wore because she was trying to make a “statement”. The star has often been ridiculed by the media for her taste in clothes, hair and make-up but laughed off suggestions her image should be toned down. Christina recently told the Teen Hollywood website: “I was actually disappointed that I didn’t make this year’s Worst-Dressed list in People magazine. “Those are the people that go out there and make a statement.” “It’s so boring looking at the best-dressed people. Who can’t put on an expensive gown and hire the right people to make them look presentable and safe?” Yeah but who wants to look Dirty like Christina?


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