Mojo Makeover In 10 Easy Steps

February 3, 2011

Mojo Makeover In 10 Easy Steps

It’s easy to get complacent or lose confidence and allow boredom to enter your love life. Jo Karabin, founder of PASH Parties, Australia’s leading sensual products retailer and party plan company, shares these 10 easy steps to recovering your mojo and rediscovering your inner sex kitten!

1. Make the mojo affirmation

Shout this out loud now: “I deserve to live a life more sensual. I’m going to re-invigorate my mojo by committing to do each of these mojo makeover steps. I am sex kitten!”

2. Decide to be happy

You and you alone have the power to make you happy! Stuff like money, cars, holidays may bring pleasure, but are not ultimately what makes you happy. Some of the happiest people in the world are those that have the least amount of stuff.

Try these simple techniques:

Smile all the time – even when talking on the phone.

Make time for fun time – we’re all busy; you need to stop and connect with your inner child every now and then.

Breathe deeply and relax – less stress in your life will have a positive impact on your health.

Be kind to others – committing random acts of kindness will instantly make you happy.

Appreciate the now – happiness is yours, today, this minute (you just need to realise it and stop looking for it).

Buy something fabulous – just because you can and you deserve it!

3. Love your inner goddess

Women are their own worst enemies. No matter how many times you are told ‘you look fabulous’, we doubt it and immediately come back with a negative body image statement.

So, from this minute stop saying your bum is too big, you’re too fat, too thin, too tall or too small – it is negative! Repeat this mantra after me ‘I am a gorgeous women and I embrace my inner sex goddess!’ – smile as you say it!

4. Get your sexy back – rediscover your inner sex kitten

The secret to attraction is confidence and happiness in yourself. Some women find this easy and ooze sensuality and self confidence.

Sex appeal is about how you hold yourself and what you believe. Life is a self fulfilling prophecy, if you don’t believe you are sexy, no one else will either.

Remember, sexy women value themselves – don’t be apologetic about putting your happiness first. If you are happy and feel good, you will be sexy! You will never create change in your life if you keep doing what you have always done (so do something different!).

5. Become a bootylicious PASHion seductress

Celebrate your reinvigorated mojo by creating your own in-home PASHionate,
Bootylicious night. Plan what you would do to create an amazing, mind blowing experience for you and your partner.

If you’re looking for love or in a new relationship, you need to focus on the fun, excitement and new found passion. Long term relationships need focus, attention and intimacy. Learn to be creative and have fun to keep the relationship vibrant! After all, life is too short to miss out on a loving relationship and great sex!

6. Intrigue

Invite the one you love (or are loving now) to a Bootylicious PASH experience.
Leave them a PASHionate invitation to join you for a night of PASHion and place it somewhere only your man will find.

7. Time to get bootylicious

Feeling sexy is an attitude, so get yourself in the mood! Light an essential oil
candle, put on sexy music, take a luxurious Indulgence Bath Milk with Rose
Petals and after lather yourself in Shimmer Body Soufflé. Apply your Parfum and
Lip Gloss and get ready for your night!

Put on your sexiest lingerie, don your kitten heels and walk around the house smiling, singing and dancing!

8. Set the scene

Dim the lights, light Essential Oil Candles and have the right music playing. Make the room warm and inviting. Put the champagne on ice and get ready for the night of your life!

9.Indulge the senses

Greet him at the door in your lingerie and lead him to the room in a pair of Fluffy Love Cuffs. Start to tantalise by sprinkling Sizzling Body Candy from his chest to his navel and lick your way down. Paint a love heart on your body and invite him to lick it off.

10. Mojo climax – embrace the PASHion

Now you’ve warmed up, it’s time to reach the climax of your mojo makeover. Try something new and enjoy laughter, fun and excitement in the bedroom once more.
Introduce love toys and take control of your PASHionate adventure.

So many options, so many nights yet still to explore…enjoy, now that you’ve found your mojo (you sex kitten), don’t lose it!

If you’re interested in becoming a PASH consultant or to book a party, visit call 1300 00 PASH (7274).

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