Have you ever thought about turning your hobby into a career? Over the years both men and women have slowly been turning their blog into a business and becoming their own self-made boss. Are you interested? Find out how to work from home, and on your own terms by logging onto a few of these important websites.

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Affiliate programs

Have you ever wondered how people make enough money to quit their day-job and focus on their blog full time? Most of it comes down to affiliate programs and aligning yourself with brands your audience can identify with. There are heaps of programs going on at the moment: Reward Style, Shop Style by Pop Sugar, and Link Share, just to name a few. These programs are highly exclusive, so don’t think that they’re going to be a piece of cake to get into. You must register your blog and all social media channels before they even approve of your application, which could take weeks to be accepted (or declined).

Once your application has been successful, this is really where the fun begins. Lets take Reward Style as an example; this company is affiliated with a number of online boutiques which you have the oppourtunity to advertise on your blog. Whether it’s fashion, beauty, home, or even lifestyle, all you need to do is link back an item in your blog-post through Reward Style. If someone buys any product by clicking through your link, then you make a percentage of the profit.


Many blogs rely on advertising to pay their employees and generally stay afloat. Affiliate programs such as Commission Factory accept every single application and connect your blog with brands which your audience will relate to. All you need to do is display a click-through banner on your website and wait for the hits to come through!

It essentially works in the same way as an affiliate program – if someone makes a purchase of more than $50 using your link, then you receive a percentage of the profits. The profits do vary from each company, and you could be receiving anything from 3-30% from each sale you make.

How can I get started?

The first way to monetise your blog is to build a stable, and reliable audience. Create a loyal following by having a clear vision and posting on a consistent basis. This way your followers will know when to expect and post – and even look forward to it!

Do: Spread the word

Let your followers know every time you have a new post on your blog – not only will this remind them to check it, but you can always use the extra page views! Share posts on your personal Facebook account (in moderation), since the support of family and friends can always form the basis on your following.

Don’t: Neglect social media channels

It’s always a good idea to be a part of all the new social media channels, this way your followers can find you everywhere! Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, DePop, Blogspot or WordPress, and finally a visible contact address are the best way to keep your followers engaged. Just because they follow you on one social media outlet, doesn’t mean they will follow you on another. Keep content exclusive to each channel and learn how to market yourself on all your social media.

Do: Disclose sponsored posts

The dark side of blogging can also be one of the best – free products. You may be approached by a company to show one of their products in exchange for a fee, or even as a loan. It’s very important to let your followers know which products were given as gifts or sponsored by a company. Not disclosing this important information may cause your followers to lose trust in your judgement, and is currently against the law under the FTC Disclosures for Bloggers and Brands. Hashtag your posts with Ad or Sponsored before signing off – this allows you to remain truthful with your readers, and in return they will have confidence in your content and future posts.

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