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More beautiful bods

More beautiful bods

1. Urban Rituelle
This refreshing Passionfruit Sorbet Body Scrub is a fantastic exfoliant that is made from natural olive and almond oils to moisturise and polish at the same time. Liberally use all over your body then follow with the refreshing Urban Rituelle Passionfruit Shower and Bath Gel. The scent is not too overpowering yet make you feel like you are eating a passionfruit sorbet on a sunny day.
RRP: Body Scrub $17.50; Bath and Shower Gel $11.95 Stockists: (02) 9531 1244

2. Model Co Minis
Model Co Minis brings you the ultimate jet set collection. Cleanse, polish and gloss your way around the globe with Cleansed Body Wash, Polished Body Scrub and Glossed Body Cream. The trio is infused with bamboo and hibiscus extracts, enriched with exotic frangipani scent. The products come in convenient pump packs with locks (no squelchy mess in your overnight bag) and will leave your skin with a luxurious sheen.
RRP $42 Stockists: (02) 8354 6700

3. “Until the Cows Come Home” Travel Pack
If you are going to try one new brand of beauty products, make sure it is the Pocket Cow range of divine products. But be warned: they may make you laugh! The Morning Body Wash is called ?Grumpy Cow? and the Relaxing Body Foam is called ?Knackered Cow?. These products also smell fantastic and are all organic and made by hand from plant oils with herbal essences from a walled garden at Babington House in Somerset England! How romantic!
RRP $90.00. From Kit (02) 9360

4. Loreal Oleonergy Revitalising Satin Oil
The idea of spreading oil on your skin when you?re not lying on the beach sounds a little strange, but the Loreal Oleonergy Revitalising Satin Oil feels amazing. It?s a very light oil spray that non greasy and when absorbed, merely adds a fragrant sheen on the body. It is enriched with essential oils (orange, grapefruit) and Ginkgo, a know activator of skin micro-circulation to visible tone and revitalise your skin.

5. Yardley London Apothary Turn up the heat warming body scrub
This is quite unusual – when the beads in this scrub come into touch with water, it offers an amazing burst of heat. It feels quite funny, but according to Yardley, their Apothary range is about reinterpretting time-honored remedies into modern treatments with distinct skin-benefiting properties. It certainly seems to be of benefit – after using this the skin feels surprisingly moisturised, to the point that no moisturiser even needs to be used until the next morning.
RRP $16.95

6. Botanics Sundried Murray River Salt & Macadamia Oil Exfoliator
If getting back to nature appeals to you but you?re stuck in the city day after day, then this product could be the closest alternative! This scrub contains delicate salt crystals harvested from underground waterways in the Murray Darling Basin. Why are they in your scrub? Well they contain important trace elements that help purify the skin and detoxify the body. The result is a flaky texture that gently exfoliates the skin and feels oh-so-divine. The oil from the Macadamia Nut is rich in vitamins A and E and minerals calcium and potassium which help restore skin health. Perfect for dry skin!
RRP $19.95

7. Hei Poa ? Pur Mono?
The fragrance of this product will make you feel like you?re in Tahiti surrounded by frangipani trees on a hot summer day. The consistency is solid but when immersed in hot water melts to a oil liquid. Containing pure Mono?, Tiara Blossom, Mother-of-Pearl, it leaves a shimmer to enhance even the slightest of tans. Use sparingly to avoid being over-oiled.
RRP $28.00. From Kit (02) 9360

8. Dr LeWinn’s Liquid Loofah Mineral Body Scrub
This scrub is great for the girl on the go. The spearmint and peppermint oil gives your skin a zingy clean feeling and it’s ideal for preparation before applying self-tanning lotion and releasing in-grown hairs prior to shaving or hair removal treatment. Excellent for reviving tired feet and softening hardened heels. Just in time for summer!
RRP $29.95

9. St Ives Refreshing Aroma Steam Body Wash
This is a new favourite in the bathroom. The new St. Ives Aroma Steam Body Wash is specially formulated to work with the steam in your shower. The crisp aloe and spring water scent of the refreshing wash is so gorgeous, you won?t ever want to get out! It lathers well, and there are small moisture beads that provide extra invigoration.
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