More beauty questions answered

December 7, 2004

More beauty questions answered
Question:I liked your info on cleansers on a budget. Would you recommend a good moisturiser? And is it necessary to use a toner?

Answer: Moisturiser ? When looking for the right moisturiser for your skin type I would always recommend you contact your local beauty salon for a free skin consultation. You will find that they will analyse your skin and also take into consideration your lifestyle habits (e.g. sleep, exercise, diet, and water intake).

Ideally a good moisturiser will give your skin a healthy balanced glow. We want your skin to smile at the world.

Toner ? A toner also comes in different forms for different skin types. A toner will remove any excess oil and debris from the skin?s surface, balance the pH of your skin and depending on the active ingredients will either be astringent, calming, nourishing, or balancing.

The ideal skin care routine for morning and evening is a three-step process:
1. Cleanse 2. Tone 3.Moisturise

Do this on a regular basis and watch the visible changes in your skin.

Whilst at the beauty salon, why not book in for a facial?

Question: I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of any information about ipl or cpl permanent hair removal? I am interested in getting this treatment done and would like to do a little more research before making my booking?

Answer: Personally, I have not been in contact with these machines, or anyone who has had the treatment. However it definitely seems to be the future of the beauty industry. More recently, I was able to attend a seminar, where the company is launching a new type of machine which appears to be more advanced than ipl and cpl, and their website details can be located at Good luck with your research and results.

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