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May 4, 2005

More Birth Stories
A Caesar was the healthiest option for me, but why was the response negative?
“I was 35 and pregnant with our first child, something we were very happy about after having waited so long! On my first visit to the obstetrician – he greeted me with “my you have very small feet” “what size shoe do you take”. 6 and a half I replied, why? He said that in Europe there was a saying, small feet, small pelvis. This turned out to be absolutely true!

“My visits to the obstetrician became weekly as the time drew nearer and the baby’s head was not engaging… He determined from the measurements from an xray and the scan of the baby that the baby was too big for me and he would like to book me in for a caesar at 38 weeks. He explained that I had had a great pregnancy and other than what nature had thrown at me that I should not be too disappointed. He said that trying to have the child naturally would probably result in a very long labour, trying to push, possibly putting the baby into distress and doing some damage to myself and that the end result would probably be an emergency caesarean. I quite readily agreed to this, at the end of day all I wanted was a healthy baby. I had the upmost trust in him and that was his advice and I was happy to take his advice.

“I had my caesar. I got to be awake for it and my husband was able to come in with me – had I had an emergency caesar this would not be the case. The whole process was a wonderful experience. Thank you to our obstetrician, he was absolutely wonderful. To our delight we had a beautiful baby girl.

“What I was not prepared for was the negative response I had from people for having a caesar. Comments like “don’t you feel ripped off for not having a natural birth?” etc. My answer is absolutely not! The end result was a beautiful, happy, healthy child. I urge everyone to do what is right for them and their baby and please do not judge others for the choices they make.” Jackie, NSW

I’ve tried both methods but there’s nothing like natural
“I read the Ruby Harris story on elective C Section birthing, she says that she has some clout on the subject having had 2 caesareans. I also had a caesarean for my first delivery (due to toxaemia setting in and the baby becoming stressed when the induction did not progress quickly enough) and continued on to have 4 natural births after that, so I promise you I do have ‘clout’ on the whole giving birth thing! My humble opinion differs from Ruby’s although I do agree that it is everyone’s informed choice of what is right for them, rather than being swayed by public opinion or what is deemed ‘fashionable’. So in that light I would like to add my thoughts hoping that I could help someone have a great experience.

“In this day and age of enlightenment I am surprised of the number of women that do not get in tune with their bodies and minds. Yoga, swimming, massage, aromatherapy and the like, are truly beneficial to the smooth running of the physical state, coupled with homeopathic remedies available through naturopaths, they truly are amazing. Then, meditation practised for only a few minutes a day, or any de-stress technique that works for you (mine was most often sex! Anyone else got way more interested in pregnancy?? And I mean right up to that day??) takes care of the inner you. Centre on whatever your source of energy or ‘higher power’ is. Acknowledge and give gratitude daily to the universe or whatever it is that turns you on, makes you alive and why you are embarking on this motherhood journey in the first place. The herb Raspberry leaf taken as a tablet or tea, guarantees diminished pain. I can honestly endorse these suggestions, sure I felt contractions and ouch they were there, but with the right breathing techniques, it?s bearable, and the birthing part was not over the top painful and in the last birth actually a pleasure. She came in the most wonderful gentle process, now I know that this is extraordinary so I will not dwell, just tuck that memory away as a treasured experience. So those are my words of advice, be informed, make your choices, take charge of yourself in body, mind and spirit and have the time of your (and the new ‘little bundle of joys’) life!!” – Sheryll QLD

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