More marriage problems for Brad and Jen

December 7, 2004

More marriage problems for Brad and Jen

Hmmm what does the body language say?
They?re still having problems apparently ? but this time it?s Jennifer Aniston?s career that is blossoming out of control. According to the British newspaper, The Mail, Brad Pitt is desperate to have children. He?s 40 and he feels that the time is right, however with Jen?s film schedule, having a baby looks impossible in the next few years. A source says, “they had an agreement that they would try for a family once her Friends contract ended but she has been swamped with film offers, and now she has three movie projects… She wants to start a family but she also knows she needs to make movies while her career is still hot.”

In Brad’s eighties days…
Brad told to learn how to act
Meanwhile, rumours are rife over Brad?s lack of acting talent when he first began in the business. When he tried out for a role in the 1988 movie The Accused, starring Jodie Foster, casting directors urged him to seek professional help. He said: “I had my first auditions for two films and one of those was The Accused. Those were my very first auditions and, of course, I was excited to be around movies. I went in, I did the thing, I was incredibly nervous and I got back and I’m waiting for some kind of feedback. I called them up and I said, ‘Well, what did they say?’ And she goes, ‘Have you ever thought about acting classes?’ So, that night I had to really huddle up and reconvene. I was already in an acting class!” Guess those classes finally paid off, huh.

Dannii Minogue
Dannii?s nude AIDS pose
Dannii Minogue has reportedly posed nude to help the fight against AIDS. The Aussie singer is the ambassador for the Terence Higgins Trust, and has chosen to bare all inorder to raise awareness. “Pictures can be very powerful – we wanted to make this campaign fun and sexy,” said the 33-year-old. She will have a large red ribbon protecting her modesty, and says personal experiences are the reason for her interest in this particular disease. “I guess it comes from knowing a lot of people in the entertainment and having friends who have been affected by Aids,” she says. ?It’s an ugly, ugly, ugly thing but it is something that is real in my life.” She also wants to break down the myths that AIDS is just a gay disease, and can affect any sexuality.

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