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More shadows and shimmers

More shadows and shimmers

More shadows and shimmers

Bloom Eye Shadow
Bloom?s eye shadow is by far the most convenient. It?s held in a flat, metallic coloured pot that has the Bloom image on the front. Inside is what we all need with our portable makeup ? a mirror! Bloom are great for their range as well ? the colours are varied and give a great sheen on the eyes without being over powering.
RRP $20

Bayonelle makeup packs
This is a great pack for convenience. There are three sections ? eye, lip and cheek colour. You know sometimes you get those cosmetic packs that have some sections you might use, and others that are useless colours. Not so with Bayonelle ? all the colours are perfect for this season. There are some gorgeous browns and golds that go well day or night, various shades of green and some white, very handing for blending. The two cheek colours are pink and rouge, but try doubling up the pink as a funky eye colour!
RRP $12.95 Available at selected pharmacies. Stockists call 1300 855 344 or check out

Australis Mono Eyeshadow
Australis have released some great new eye shadows colours. Their Outback Glam range (Spring Summer collection) features two new eye shadow pots, a single called ?Blue Mirage? and a trio called ?Sienna?. The mono pots are particularly handy ? compact enough to fit in a purse but large enough that they?re not going to run out in a couple of months. The vivid ?Blue Mirage? has a really smooth texture and gives a glamorous sheen to the eyes, perfect for a night out on the town!
RRP $8.95. Widely available from discount department stores and selected pharmacies.

Heaven Colour Drops Liquid Eye Shadow
This is a quite unusual liquid eye shadow in a cute tear drop shaped bottle. Before you use this product, you have to shake for 40 ? 60 seconds in order to join the thick colour with the liquid shadow floating around the bottle. After applying, you must close your eyes for 30 seconds for the colour to dry. It means applying this shadow is quite a lengthy process and as it?s liquid, it?s quite obvious if you haven?t applied properly. On the upside, the colour is quite strong and shimmery so if you like your makeup bold, this is the eye shadow for you.
Email for more information

Max Factor Earth Spirits Eye Shadow
Great little eyeshadow to throw in your makeup case for chicks on the run. Needs to be applied carefully as can look a little heavy if not careful. Stormy Blue – shadow great for a darker look and doesn’t look like those blues from the 80’s that have come back to haunt us!
RRP $12.45

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