More summer reading

February 1, 2005

More summer reading

Real Girls? Stories – Girlosophy
Anthea Paul
Allen & Unwin

If you like to learn about other people?s loves and lives, then this is the book for you. Real Girls? Stories is filled with 23 stories about girls around the world. Yuki is a waitress from Japan, Lindsay is a drama teacher from Brisbane and Anika is a Maori singer songwriter. But their stories are more than their occupations. Michelle is a volunteer and personal assistant from LA. Peppered with photos and vibrant text, we read over the next eight pages about Michelle?s life. From her parents? occupations to why she has her hopes and dreams and how she is planning to achieve them. It?s like looking into a diary, a commentary of her life at this moment. Although this book achieves its aim of being vibrant, colourful and attractive, this tends to be more of an affliction than anything else. Blue and red writing on already bright backgrounds makes this book quite hard to read for any length of time.
RRP $35

Truth & Beauty
Ann Patchet
Harper Collins

The story of a friendship and love stronger than any, Truth & Beauty is the story of two best friends that share their life, love and pain in a way more intimate than any lovers. Helping each other through the trial and problems that they encounter on the troubled road through life, and all the problems that Lucy has to endure with her struggle and triumph over adversity. The strength and love that can be found in this book will help anyone find that they can live their life to the fullest.
RRP $27.95 but only $25.16 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Aphrodite?s Smile
Stuart Harrison
Harper Collins

Englishman Robert French arrives on the Greek island of Ithaca to visit his ailing father, but soon finds out he is too late. His father died the night before after suffering a heart attack on his beloved yacht. As Robert comes to terms with his loss, it becomes all too apparent that his father?s death wasn?t an accident. He begins to piece together the events preceding his father?s death; meanwhile he becomes acquainted with beautiful young Alex, also a visitor to the island in search of her roots. It emerges that there is more of a connection between the two than either of them ever imagined.
This book is first and foremost, a mystery. It is filled with page-turning intrigue and suspense, set on a backdrop of the fascinating and beautiful Greek Islands. Although the Greek history portrayed in the novel is fictional, it is still fascinating to read what potential mysteries surround the island and imagine what the truth really is. The only negative part of this novel is the depiction of the central character, Robert. He doesn?t seem particularly realistic and shows great stupidity in some aspects, but amazing insight and intuition in other areas of his life. On second thoughts, maybe that?s just men in general?!
RRP $18.95 but only $17.06 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

Angel Puss
Colleen McCullough
Harper Collins

Colleen McCullough yet again shows us why she is an award-winning novelist. Angel Puss is set in Kings Cross in the 1960?s and shows the diary entries of a twenty-one year old Sydneysider. Harriet has grown up in secure, boring Bronte with her parents, grandmother and older brothers. She is determined to lead an exciting life, so defying her parents who say ?only fools, Bohemians and tarts live at Kings Cross?, she rents a flat there. Her landlady, Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz, friends Pappy, Toby and other boarders in her house open up a world she has never even dreamt of. But what fascinates Harriet most is Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz?s Angel Puss, her mute four-year-old daughter Flo. Angel Puss follows Harriet?s journey over a year and a half. Her life changes dramatically, but her determination and maturity doesn?t. This is a charming novel that continually entertains and has surprises around every corner.
RRP $49.95 but only $44.96 if you buy from the SheSaid Bookshop

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