More tips to lose weight

March 1, 2005

More tips to lose weight

Pumpkin and feta pizza
Spread pre-made pizza base and/or pita bread with tomato paste and/or pesto. Top with thin slices of pumpkin (pre-cooked in microwave until just soft), halved cherry tomatoes, cubes of Australian Gold Reduced Fat Feta Cheese. When cooked sprinkle with coarsely chopped basil.

Another form of calcium comes from Vaalia Yoghurt, which is now available in 150gram snack sized packs, complete with a spoon. There are three delicious flavours – French Vanilla, Luscious Berries and Apricot, Mango & Peach. Vaalia also has low GI which means you will feel fuller for longer!
RRP $1.89 from convenience retailers and major grocery outlets.

Picture Perfect Weight Loss 30-Day Plan
Dr Shapiros has released a new book with a 30 day weight loss plan. Anyone who takes on a new fitness campaign is doing so for better health and fitness. Fitness comes from structured training and good health evolves from disciplined eating. If you’re eating right you’ve won half the battle. Dr Shapiros 30 day weightloss menu plan eases you from your comfort zone with list of alternatives. Each alternative highlights the difference in calories to your previous choice.

Week 1: Breakfast
Fill Up for the Day
Think outside the box of Pop Tarts, and start your day with healthy fruit for fibre and a yummy seeded roll.

Instead Of…
Pop Tarts
Frosted blueberry
Total: 420 calories

Low-fat waffles, 210 calories
1 tablespoon light syrup, 25 calories
blueberries, 15 calories
Total: 250 calories
Instead Of…
Zucchini Bread
1 slice low-fat zucchini bread (6 oz)
Total: 580 calories

Fruit and Roll
1 box (pint) strawberries, 80 calories
honeydew melon, 80 calories
nectarine, 30 calories
3 apricots, 60 calories
3/4 lb grapes, 150 calories
1 box (pint) blackberries, 80 calories
small seeded roll, 100 calories
Total: 580 calories

This book really simplifies the eating to a dietary plan with tasty low-calorie alternatives. Remember ? Losing weight demands preparation, effort and commitment to come to fruition.
RRP $30.00 but only $27.00 if you buy from the SheSaid bookshop

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