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July 13, 2010

No Way to Say Goodbye By Anna McPartlin

If you asked the people of Kenmare about Mary, they’d tell you she was born unlucky. Some would say she is a bit “strange” but all admire her courage.

They’d tell you Penny is the life and soul of the party. Yes, she drinks a bit too much. And it’s true she’s a home-wrecker.

If you asked about Adam, the women would tell you he’s a cheating scumbag. But the lads in the pub would mention his affair with Penny with a trace of envy.

They’d all tell you Ivan’s greatest strength and weakness is his heart. And his wife was a terrible woman to leave him, taking his children.

If you asked about Sam, they’d speculate with great relish on their mysterious American visitor. The truth will provide them with gossip for a year. But they’ll never know the thing that haunts him.

If you asked the people of Kenmare about the chances of love and happiness for these five souls, they’d shake their heads and look glum.

But sometimes they are wrong.

Eliza’s Gift By Rachael Herron

When Abigail Durant inherits a cottage from her friend, the world famous knitting guru Eliza Carpenter, she’s sees it as her chance to start anew after the distressing end of her last relationship. Only problem is, the cottage is slap-bang in the middle of a sheep ranch owned by Cade MacArthur, Eliza’s tall, dark and infuriating nephew.

Cade’s a man’s man, a cowboy through and through, and he’s none too pleased there’s now a young – albeit very pretty – woman living on his property. And that’s before she tells him she plans to turn her new home into a knitting shop … With battlelines drawn, city girl and cowboy go head to head. But soon, with the sexual chemistry fizzing between them, both start to question the real nature of Eliza’s gift… A sizzling romantic comedy for women of any age!

‘A treat for readers, filled with romance and spiced with suspense. Rachael Herron’s debut is the perfect book to curl up with’ New York Times bestseller Susan Wiggs

‘You had me from howdy. A warm, witty, sexy love story with charming lead characters who have chemistry to spare’ USA Today bestseller Barbara Bretton

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