5 Of The World’s Most Expensive Watches

January 12, 2015
hublot big bang watch

When it comes to wrist wear, you want to make a statement and sometimes making a statement costs well… quite a lot of money.

But sometimes you just don’t have that much in your bank account and so have to fawn over lists like the one below, wishing you could slap one of these incredibly expensive watches on your wrist and casually wave your arm in people’s faces to show it off.

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Featuring 867 parts and a hand tuned chime, which goes off 24 hours a day, the Gran Complication watch from A. Lange & Söhne is one of the most complex in the world. However it is deemed practically un-wearable due to its size – the watch is 50mm in diameter and so thick it will probably make your wrist feel pretty heavy over a long period of time. Or you could just click here and pick up a really wearable and really reasonably priced, designer watch.

= $US3.93m / £2.6m / $AUD4.84m

Why have one watch when you can have two in one? The Piaget Emperador Temple watch features one face concealed by a case, which is covered in 688 diamonds. The second face is made from mother of pearl and also features a variety of diamond cuts, including a measly 11 baguette cut diamonds, just 162 brilliant-cut and on the bracelet only 350 baguette cut diamonds. We’d say they held back a little on the amount of bling with this one, you could have squeezed a couple of extra diamonds on the clasp, surely?

= $US4.99m / £3.3m / $AUD6.14

Using pieces of the moon, a Mars meteorite and an asteroid, this watch quickly became one of the most expensive and really justifies the saying ‘out of this world’ (sorry) when describing its construction. Technically, your £4.6m is paying for a set of four watches, which include Tourbillon Mars, Tourbillon Rosetta Stone, Tourbillon Asteroid and Tourbillon Moon, each featuring a piece from outer space. Oh, and you also get your very own model of the solar system, featuring compartments for each of the watches.

= $US6.96m / £4.6m / $AUD8.56m

If you thought using pieces from space in a design wasn’t showy enough then how does over 100 carats of diamonds and 18k of gold in the dial, clasp and bracelet? The Hublot Big Bang apparently took 14 months to complete and used three different carats of diamonds.

Jay Z claims to be one of the brand’s fans, so expect to see him flashing this wrist bling in his next music video – he probably has £5m just lying around in his top drawer at home.

= $US7.56m / £5m / $AUD9.3m

This 24-carat gold, half a kilogramme in weight watch recently auctioned in Geneva for the low price of £13.4m and took its creator Patek Phillipe eight years to make for an American banker in the 1930s.

Featuring a calendar, timer and 950 individual components inside, the watch is a true representation of incredible mechanical engineering and skill. However, the timepiece is apparently cursed, according to the Daily Mail, so you shouldn’t go spending all your millions you have squirrelled away any time soon.

= $US20.26m / £13.4m / $AUD24.93

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