Motivation Strategies

April 16, 2003

Gaby Molnar describes herself as an “Ever Ready bunny on speed”.A recruiter with Hamilton James Bruce and a trainer with famous US motivation coach Anthony Robbins, Gaby has spent eight years studying motivation and peak performance.

Here she shares five key motivation strategies you can put into action.

Strategy 1: Goal Setting

“People set goals like ‘I want five new clients or to make 20 new marketing calls’. The goals are very specific but are they compelling?” asks Gaby.

“The reason why a lot of people are losing motivation is because they don’t set goals that are real and tangible enough.”

Dream up a specific reward and focus on that treat when your mind starts wandering to thoughts of going home or you feel you cannot tackle another sales call or a particular work task.

The first reward Gaby focused on was buying a computer for her mother, who loved to write but was finding it difficult to do by hand due to Parkinson’s Disease.

“I focused for a whole quarter on the look on my mother’s face when she saw the computer and how that would make me feel. So you can see how compelling that was,” says Gaby.

Strategy 2: The pleasure/pain principle

This is where you set a goal and attach both a reward and a penalty to the outcome.

A dynamic real estate agent told Gaby about how she needed to pass a particular real estate exam to obtain a special licence. Passing the exam would require five hours study a week for the four weeks until the exam. Sounds easy but the agent’s work schedule was 15-hour days, six days a week.

So she set herself a reward – a very expensive piece of jewellery. The penalty was sending off a cheque for the same amount to a rival agent. She made a “30-day commitment” to herself, told her colleagues about the plan and handed the cheque to her secretary with strict instructions that she should post it if she failed. She succeeded.

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