Movers and Shakers – Lisa Pennell

November 3, 2001

The women who appear on this page are selected by consensus of the SheSaid editorial staff and are duly invited to participate. If you wish to nominate an inspiring woman to appear in this ‘moving and shaking hall of fame’, please contact us.

Name Lisa Pennell

Occupation/Title Manager – www.phonechoice.com.au

Company/Organisation Market faxts Ltd

State NSW

Age 28

Star sign Capricorn

Describe your career progression and your current professional position.

While studying commerce at University, I started working in the accounting field as an auditor which I quickly found was not me at all! I Lasted two years then proceeded to do a multitude of different jobs, a lot of them sales or marketing related. The whole time I was also singing in bands and compering shows and department store sales. One of the promotions I was involved in was in the mobile phone industry which I found to be exciting, new and fast paced, and I’ve been climbing the industry ladder ever since. I was the State manager for two different retail groups in Melbourne for the past four years, then was approached to run www.phonechoice.com.au, an independent and unbiased website comparing mobile phones and plans, landline services and ISP’s in December last year. I saw it as a great opportunity to do something that hadn’t been done before in Australia, so here I am.

Describe a typical day? No such thing in my life! A typical day would be a day full of surprises.

What’s the best part of the job? Dealing with the media, providing independent commentary on the Australian Telecommunications Industry. I love radio interviews – they’re a real challenge. Also the flexibilty of working with a medium (the Internet) that’s so new to most Australians – that you make the rules up as you go.

What’s the worst part of the job? As exciting as it is, the internet can be very frustrating to someone who is not technically minded (me) – it drives me crazy when things go wrong.

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