Movers and shakers – Liesl Bernard

December 3, 2001

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Name Liesl Bernard

Occupation/Title RHIC Division Director, Sydney

Company/Organisation Robert Half International

State NSW

Age 30

Star sign Sagittarius

Describe your career progression and your current professional position.

I began my career in 1991 as a Chartered Accountant in the area of IT and auditing in Capetown, South Africa . In November of 1999 I was offered the opportunity to set up the RHI Consulting Division (IT Recruitment) in Sydney, Australia. I jumped at the opportunity; I have always wanted to live in this part of the world as well as focus my career more on IT search and contracting versus the area of finance. In February 2000 I moved to Sydney and began developing the RHIC division, building a solid team of quality personnel and emerging myself in the Sydney business environment.

In retrospect, each step of my career has opened doors to new opportunities that build upon my experiences along the way. The cross-over from a career as a CA to that of a placement professional was seemingly natural and easy for me. The risks taken along the way by initiating relocations and/or changing my career field have opened the door to new opportunities that are both exciting and challenging.

Describe a typical day? I wake up at 5:00 am, pack my stuff and run to a city health club where I get ready for the office to start work at 7:30am.

My work day is spent managing and training two divisions of RHIC with combined teams consisting of 10 people, as well as performing the division’s growth and marketing strategies, internal recruitment and IT placement and contracting. I generally work through to 6:30pm and find my way home by 7:00pm.

What’s the best part of the job? The daily interaction with IT professionals in all sectors of the market who are the innovators of the way we will work and conduct our business lives in the future. I love dealing with people and helping them make good career choices. The IT industry is changing constantly.

What’s the worst part of the job? Not having enough time to devote to all the wonderful people I meet and work with daily.

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