Mover & Shaker – Lara de Nikolits (cont’d)

April 2, 2001

Who has been the biggest influence on your career? A number of people – but singularly and foremost my parents who’ve been a subtle yet strong force behind my studies, career choices and general outlook on life. I’m also married to a focus junkie [pros and cons to that!] and have been fortunate enough to work with some exceptionally talented and creative thinkers in the internet industry.

How do you deal with work related stress? Run, dance, read?good dinners & good wine! [not in that order!]

How do you deal with difficult people at work? I think that hostility often forms from misperception of a situation and not enough honesty at a real level so it’s important for everyone involved to be honest [but not vindictive] and separate the issues.

What would you spend your last $100 on? Indelible brown lipstick [doubles as eyeliner] / sunblock / an internet connection and underwear!

What are you reading? The Last Chance Saloon by Marion Keyes.

What would you never wear again? Leg warmers.

What can’t you live without? Laughter / wine / email / my family / husband and bagels! [in no particular order!]

Would you consider cosmetic surgery? Perhaps?but probably something less invasive than a significant surgical procedure – maybe a de-wrinkle treatment!! .

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