Movers & Shakers : Kate Barnes

February 4, 2001

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Name Kate Barnes

Occupation/Title Psychic / Channeller / Healer

Company/Organisation Sydney Psychic Guidance and Healing Centre

State NSW

Age Somewhere mature

Star sign Taurus

Describe a typical day?

I fight to get out of bed in winter, shower, tidy the house, have breakfast and millions of vitamin supplements. My clients can be seeing me for a number of reasons, e.g. healing or readings. Some days I may have to do a psychic rescue which is “ghostbusting”. I never know what is awaiting me fully until I arrive at the premises. Most spirits I don’t have too much trouble with but occasionally I will come across one that is very troubled. Some earthbound spirits are still caught up with who they were while they were alive, which is really not good when you are dealing with someone who may have committed murders or been violent in other ways. I sometimes wonder how on earth I got involved in rescues as I have a yellow streak down the middle of my back that is wider than I am. My work is extremely satisfying as I love helping people, it is very interesting and I am able to have variety.

What’s the best part of the job?

Being able to be myself and helping others. I feel that in being self employed in an area that I am passionate about enables me to be very much my own person.

What’s the worst part of the job?

The way that people can react to me when they discover what I do for a living. It can go from one extreme to another. People quite often have a mind set on what my work entails. I can be treated like a guru one minute and something out of a side show alley the next. You learn to become thick skinned but also with maturity you care less about what some people think.

What would you consider to be your key talents?

I have been very blessed. As a clairvoyant I have very few limitations. There is almost nothing that I can’t do.

What was your first job & how much was in your first pay packet?

My first job was as a cub reporter for a local newspaper. This was part time while I was in school. My first full time job was as a junior in a solicitor’s office and my pay packet was $28.00 per week, that was gross, not net. I quickly discovered that this wasn’t for me and went abalone diving instead.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be Shirley MacLaine which is so ironic as at the time she was an entertainer. I wanted to sing and dance , the irony is in the fact that I now am working in an area that she does. Little did I know.

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