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May 18, 2004

Movie Reviews

Eric Bana stars in Troy
This film was probably one of the expensive ever made (the budget reportedly hit about $200 million), and it?s not hard to see why. With massive battle scenes, large and formidable sets and a cast of thousands, this film is nothing less than an epic. King Agamemnon?s (Brian Cox) aim in life is to build his vast empire by conquering country after country. His champion warrior is Achilles (Brad Pitt). Achilles assists in these battles, not to serve king or country, but more for the benefits of his own fame. The battle for Troy begins when Agamemnon’s brother, Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), King of Sparta, finds himself alone after gorgeous wife Helen (Diane Kruger) falls in love with Trojan prince, Paris (Orlando Bloom). Agamemnon uses his brother?s vengeful fury as an excuse to capture Troy for his own. What ensues is a great battle between his army and the city of Troy, run by the powerful Hector (Eric Bana).

All in all, this film is a 2-and-a-half-hour battle scene. There are brief interludes: they talk about fighting, wives try to convince husbands not to fight, and there are a few wonderful moments where Brad?s pecs feature, but that?s about it. Apart from moments from Aussies Bana and Rose Byrne as Troy priestess Briseis, and of course Peter O?Toole as the King of Troy, the acting is disappointingly wooden. The best thing about this film is the lack of good guy/bad guy scenario. Hector and Achilles are the main adversaries here, and both are seen in an equal light. And if nothing else, with spunks like Brad and Orlando, Troy is good for a perve?

Michael Caton in Strange Bedfellows
Strange Bedfellows
This movie starts quintessentially Aussie. It?s set in a typical country town, features your lovable larrikins, kindly paster, friendly cop and a few nosy parker women thrown in for good measure. Very reminiscent of a scene out of 80?s television series A Country Practice actually. It doesn?t stay that way however. Paul Hogan plays Vince, the local cinema owner who finds himself in financial strife after divorcing his wife. After hearing about tax breaks for gay couples, he convinces his best friend Ralph (Michael Caton) to pretend to be his partner. Trouble starts when the tax inspector (Pete Postlethwaite) decides to come to town to investigate the claim.

This is a film where you will laugh out loud. There are some hilarious moments, particularly watching Michael Caton?s face when he?s trying to act like a couple with Paul Hogan. They take a trip to Oxford Street in Sydney to experience the gay culture, and their time there (and the costumes they wear!) will keep you laughing. Unfortunately it?s not quite enough to turn it into an Aussie classic. The performances from Michael Caton, Glynn Nicholas, Pete Postlethwaite are very memorable, however Paul Hogan tends to let the side down a little. Good for a giggle though!

New star of IMAX
IMAX ? Roar: Lions of the Kalahari
If you haven?t been to IMAX, one recommendation ? get on down there! The screen is overwhelming, the action spectacular and you?d be forgiven for thinking you?re really on the African plains. Roar: Lions of the Kalahari tells the story of a year in the life of a lion king and his two lionesses who inhabit a water hole in the Kalahari desert. We see all the action ? the lionesses hunting their prey and eventually nabbing an unsuspecting animal, the jealous fights between the lions and the animosity between elephants and lions. What is most amazing about this film is the clarity of watching it on an IMAX screen. Up close, we see the muscular physique of a lion?s body as she stalks along the ground, ready to pounce. We see the enormity of an elephant, the elegance of a giraffe, and the overall beauty of the circle of life. Believe us, it?s not just a film for the kids.

Ticket prices: Adult $16.00, Child $11.00, Family (2 adults/2 children) $44.00. For information on screening times please call 02 9281 3300 or log on Or better yet, click here to enter to win one of 10 family passes

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