MTV Music Awards cat fight!

November 11, 2003

MTV Music Awards cat fight!

Normally the biggest news after a gala awards event is who won what and who wore what! But the biggest news to come out of the recent MTV Europe Music Awards was the reported cat fight between pop rivals Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osborne. They say the scrap started before the show had even began with Aguilera refusing to walk down the red carpet if Osbourne, who was a guest VJ for the event, was even present on the red carpet! Meow! Ms Osbourne responded by calling Aguilera’s music “crap” and saying she was a “cow.” How delightfully juvenile! The insults and name-calling continued throughout the night with a skit of Aguilera throwing darts at a board decorated with a picture of Kelly Osbourne. Osbourne failed to see the funny side: “If Christina Aguilera has to resort to throwing darts at my head after everything she’s achieved and everything she’s done, then she’s a really sad, sorry person,” Kelly said while on stage presenting an award, “and I take it as a complete compliment.” The bitchiness continued with Aguilera later retorting “Honey, if you can dish it out, you’ve got to learn how to take it back!? Oww take it out back girls!

If the cat fight, profanities and musical performances weren?t enough to keep viewers glued to their sets, then the full-frontal nudity might have kept a few people interested! An assembly of nude protesters marched on stage during Travis‘ performance of Beautiful Occupation with signs that covered their naughty bits, which were lifted at the end of the song. And if that wasn?t enough, by the end of the show Aguilera asked a group of kilt-wearing men to flash their wares so she could decide who to take to the party after the show! What a way to pick a date? We think she might have deserved the privilege as she did host the event, dance in the opening and closing numbers and changed outfits 12 times during the night! Great job if you can get it!

Justin Timberlake the Prince of European Music

Ironically, the Europe Music awards were hijacked by American pop recording stars with Justin Timberlake, Beyonc? Knowles and Christina Aguilera big winners at this year’s racy event held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Britney?s ex won three awards – Best Album for Justified, Best Pop and Best Male. “If I could have had a picture-perfect night it wouldn’t have been as good as this,” he said. During the show, Timberlake played human beatbox during a performance by the Black Eyed Peas.

Beyonc? took home two trophies for: Best R&B and Best Song for Crazy in Love. She also performed with Sean Paul on Baby Boy.” The host of the show, Christina Aguilera, took home the award for Best Female artist, one of four awards she was nominated for. The award for Best Group went to Coldplay, Best Hip-Hop went to Eminem and Best Rock was handed to The White Stripes.

Will & Grace – and baby makes three

Debra Messing is going to be a mummy. The Will & Grace star and her screenwriter husband, Daniel Zelman, will become first-time parents some in late December. The pair has been married three years.

It?s unclear whether scriptwriters at NBC, producers of the hit series, will try to work in Messing?s pregnancy to the story lines in Will and Grace. Perhaps Grace will be sporting a range of baggy tops and big jackets, or else spend the rest of the series positioning herself strategically behind pot plants, desks and other belly-obscuring props!


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