Mumprenuers – how to be one today!

February 26, 2007

Queensland mother Rochelle Dent says being a ‘Mumpreneur™’ (a mum who is also an entrepreneur) is the answer to Government calls allowing mothers on maternity leave up to two years to return to their jobs and the option to come back part time.

According to Dent, Mumpreneurs are the driving force of the new entrepreneurial economy the world over. Many mums who return to their careers after having children are choosing to work for themselves, rather than be at the mercy of tough employers who can still make returning to the workplace difficult, despite changes in Government legistlation.

According to research from the Yellow Pages in the UK, mothers who work from home contribute a turnover of more than £4 billion a year to the British economy. In America – according to the Center for Women’s Business Research, one in 11 adult women is an entrepreneur. Nearly half of all U.S. firms are 50 percent or more women-owned. That means that 10.6 million firms in America are at least half owned by women.

Some world famous Mumpreneurs
– Mum-of-two Madonna turned her talents to writing children’s books. The English Roses was the first of five children’s books the singer has penned aimed at children over six.
PATSY PALMER – Better known as Eastenders’ Bianca, with three children to look after Patsy put acting on hold to develop her Palmer-Cutler cosmetics range for people with fair skin.
JK ROWLING – The famous author was struggling to raise a baby daughter on £70 a week in benefits when she started writing her Harry Potter books. She’s now reported to be worth £520 million.
TANA RAMSAY – Her hubby TV chef Gordon Ramsey isn’t the only cook in the Ramsay household. Mum-of-four Tana writes a food section for a glossy magazine and has recently released her own cookbook.

THINKING OF BECOMING A MUMPRENEUR? Here are some ideas from Rochelle Dent.
* Are you good with children?
Try running a home daycare, tutoring, teaching music, or providing transportation to and from school.
* Are you creative?
Try making crafts, jewellery or scrap-booking. Sell what you make to your friends and acquaintances, at flea markets or at online auction sites. Better yet, create your own online storefront.
* Know how to find a great deal?
How about becoming a personal shopper, real estate buyers agent, or buy items and sell them on eBay or other online sites?
* Are you business minded?
Become a virtual assistant, bookkeeper, or desktop publisher.
* Are you a fitness buff?
Teach a yoga or aerobics class, or become a personal trainer.
* Are you a computer guru?
Web design and programming or computer training may be for you.
* Are you great in the kitchen?
How about launching your own food range?
* Are you handy with the sewing machine?
How about starting your own fashion label or doing tailoring from home?
* Do you love animals?
How about starting a dog grooming or dog walking service?
* Are you well groomed?
Share your styling tips with other women via make-up parties or become a cosmetics consultant.

STOP Mumpreneur Madness!
But is it easy to be a Mumprenuer and do it all? Rochelle had two kids biting at her ankles and was living life at warp speed – always late, working part time in the evening and running a business during the day and weekends. “I was generally running from one task to the next without ever feeling like things were getting finished." To find a solution, Dent began researching ways that Mums could run a successful business without becoming a stranger to their families and whilst still maintaining valuable ‘me’ time.

Since coming up with some successful strategies, Dent has been living her life in balance. “I spend more time with my children than I ever remember doing in the past, I go to the gym, have coffee with friends, go on dates with my husband and have girl’s weekends away.” In-line with her teachings, Dent also runs her global business all from the comfort of her own home.

Rochelle Dent’s book, STOP Mumpreneur Madness! FiveSteps to finding the time for everything… while keeping your sanity can be purchased in hard copy or in a downloadable format from http://www.time-for-mumpreneurs.com/.

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