Murder, Mystery and Mayhem month

August 26, 2003

Murder, Mystery and Mayhem month
Dead Ringer by Lisa Scottoline, Pan Macmillan

If you want a read that will keep you up half the night to find out what happens then this is the book for you. Lisa Scottoline is a New York Times best selling author whose novels are filled with strong, intelligent women that work in a struggling all-women law firm Rosato and Associates in Philadelphia.

The central character is wisecracking self depreciating Bennie Rosato who is struggling to prevent her law firm from folding when her evil twin sister Alice Connolly decides to drop into town. Sound far-fetched? The story cleverly evolves around both the personal and professional battles Bennie Rosato and her eclectic bunch of colleagues find themselves in. So while Bennie is trying to save the firm, her evil twin is trying to ruin her and her reputation in a desperate case of sibling rivalry. Talk about dysfunctional families! Really enjoyable read with just enough drama, laughs, mystery and intrigue to keep you interested till the very end and add to that a dash of romance too!

Something Might Happen by Julie Myerson , Random House

This is a story of how a murder in a small Suffolk town casts its shadow over everyone who lives there.

On a Monday night in October in a small seaside town in Suffolk, a woman is brutally murdered. Her name is Lennie and, thinks her best friend Tess, she is not the type to have something happen to her. Something Might Happen is not a murder mystery. There are clues, false trails, detectives, all the paraphernalia of the whodunnit, but Myerson’s concern is with the effect of the murder on an ordinary community and specifically on Tess herself, her husband Mick and her three children. As the police go about their routine investigation, Tess’s world of nappies, Elastoplast and fish fingers begins to unravel. Suddenly nothing is certain, the mundane becomes charged with significance, established relationships begin to crumble and places that once were safe are safe no longer. This is a novel of extraordinary skilfulness and almost unbearable tension. Julie Myerson creates a world that is recognizable in every detail, so that when it begins to fracture we feel as if it were our own lives that are under threat.

Who Killed Camilla? by Emma Darcy, Pan Macmillan

‘I want her dead in the water.’ Hollywood’s hottest property, Camilla Page, has just wrapped up the shoot of her latest movie and she’s chosen an exclusive Barrier Reef island resort as the setting for her surprise wedding to Australian cameraman, Jimmy Ryder – a man hell-bent on riding the gravy train that’s come his way.

Amongst the invited guests are people Camilla has used as rungs while climbing her personal ladder of success: her long-time agent; the director of her latest film; the ageing leading man; and K.C. Gordon, successful romance novelist whose latest bestseller was adapted for the film – already being hyped as a sure-fire winner, bound to become the biggest-grossing romantic comedy ever.

K.C. eagerly accepts the invitation to what promises to be the most lavish of affairs attended by starlets, heartthrobs and assorted A-listers. But K.C. soon realises the tropical paradise is also home to venomous snakes, some of them human – one of whom will strike to deadly effect…


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