Muscle Up On The Source Of Your Headaches

September 15, 2014
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What many people may not be aware of is that that majority of common headaches may be caused by muscle tightness in the head and neck region, says Australia’s peak headache body, Headache Australia. 

Headaches are one of the most prevalent global health issues and common headaches affect around 6 million Australians1. Headache Week kicks off today, aimed at encouraging all Aussies to start thinking differently about common headaches, their source and how they can effectively relieve them.

According to Gerald Edmunds, CEO of Headache Australia, when it comes to headaches, it’s more effective and appropriate to relieve the source of pain. 

“Headache Australia’s focus for Headache Week this year is educating Australians to consider the real source of their common headache. It’s important to first address the cause of your headache, which will often be in the muscles of your head and neck, and choose a method of relief that is effective for the cause,” Gerald said.

Headache Australia recommends keeping a simple headache diary to help identify the source of their headache pain. This includes assessing your work environment, posture, stress, diet and hydration, level of exercise, sleep patterns and daily routine.

“As a nation we tend to self-diagnose our headaches but we don’t always get it right. Taking the time to ask yourself a few simple questions to understand why you are experiencing headaches is a good place to start. Of course, if you are particularly concerned about your headache, you should consult your local pharmacist or GP immediately,” he said.

An initiative of the Brain Foundation, Headache Australia is the only organisation in Australia that aims to support the millions of Australians affected by headaches. The organisation aims to reduce the incidence and impact of headaches on society via community awareness, education and research programmes.

To try Headache Australia’s interactive app to find out more about the source of your headaches or to download a headache diary, visit

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