How to Be an Astrologer? (Cont’d)

April 4, 2001

How can we incorporate astrology in our every day lives?

By learning what your weaknesses are and where your strengths lie. After all prevention is better than cure, don’t you agree?How did you come up with the idea for the books, Diet Signs & Health Signs?

Each part of the body is ruled by a different star sign. For example, Taureans are prone to throat problems so should avoid foods that are overly mucus producing. I worked with top nutrition and diet experts who were amazed at the results of tests I conducted. I designed the meal plans for Diet Signs and then had health experts check them to make sure they were healthy and balanced.

Health Signs on the other hand, is about maintaining a healthy mind. It also deals with herbs that you can take when you are ill or just to stay healthy. I wanted to make people more aware of how to stay fit both mentally and physically.

What star sign are you? Are you typical to this sign?

I am a Scorpio and yes I am very typical of my sign. If I do something then I get obsessed by it, as you can see! On the downside I get jealous if I don’t get to spend enough time with my husband who is also a Scorpio.

I get a lot of fan mail and get to go to a lot of fancy parties but if it all ended tomorrow I wouldn’t worry. Rob, (my husband) and I make everything an adventure and when he comes home at night he still says, ‘get me a drink darling,’ so I have my feet very firmly on the ground.

How do you use astrology in your own life?

I cheat, I use clairvoyance as well. If I meet someone and don’t like them then I won’t do business with them. I’m in the very lucky position that I don’t have to do all of the work that is offered. I just happen to love everything I currently do. Luckily, plotting charts for daily horoscopes means I know when there are problems coming up. It’s simple, when Mercury is in retrograde, I pack up and go shopping!

Twenty-nine year-old Claire lives in Devon in the UK with her husband Rob and six month old son, Paris.

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