My Fabulous Ford Focus

August 29, 2011

The Fabulous Ford Focus

How much do you love the smell of a new car? It is such a defining smell. My week started perfectly as a brand new snazzy Cherry Red Ford Focus was delivered to the SheSaid office for me to drive for the week. Sydney weather co-operated brilliantly with bright blue sky days and spring deciding to make an early entry with the temperature in the 20’s, so I could have the rather large sunroof open practically all week. That plus the awesome stereo had me grooving around town all week almost looking for jobs to do across town so I could zip around in the Ford Focus a little more. Ok, so I like my Michael Buble tunes loud! And if you have the music up loud enough no one can hear how off-key I sing. Perfect for me!

I hadn’t even got in the car from the SheSaid office when a nice man asked me “is that the new Ford Focus?” and I said “yep brand new!”. And then a couple at the supermarket carpark asked me the same thing on Monday afternoon and I had a chat with them about how much I was loving my new car. They didn’t need to know it was only mine for a week did they? The extra large boot was very helpful for all my groceries, yes way more than a family needs for a week but I can’t help be tempted by all the new products out there! My kids’ school bags and scooters also easily fitted and the kids impressed their friends with “mum’s new car” stories all week. They think it sounds and feels like a racing car so keep egging me on to go faster and faster, but I of course resist the temptation to suddenly turn into Mark Webber (although it did take considerable restraint on my part). The Ford Focus is such fun to drive that it does make you want to nip around the streets, and driving seems a fun thing to do rather the boring, mundane task it can be the rest of the time.

The all-new Focus Titanium comes with a nifty device called Active Park Assist which is my new best friend, as I have to admit I am rubbish at parallel parking (the big scratches on the wheels of my 4-wheel drive are there to prove it!) But with the Active Park Assist on the Ford Focus you basically push the button, it scans for a park, then finds one and you just take your hands off the wheel and use the break and it does the rest! It parks the car perfectly every time. Ridiculously easy but kind of spooky the first time you do it. The sensors all round the car also help with general manoeuvring and I love the way the Ford Focus automatically turns the music down so you can hear the sensors beeping at you and then once you are clear it turns the music back to the original level.

I also love all the gadgets in the Ford Focus: the engineering and tech departments at Ford must have been working overtime on this project. The sensory locking and unlocking is really cool; if the keys are in your hand as you walk towards the car it just unlocks itself so you can just jump in which was especially useful when I had my hands full of flowers from the market in the middle of the week. I also love the Bluetooth option so I could chat away as I run my errands and connecting my iPhone to the Bluetooth was so easy even one of my kids could have done it!

But it is not just a fun car – it is also super safe with a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, and designed and engineered using high-strength steel. Plus in the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident, my kids and I will be safer than ever thanks to six airbags, rigid cabin structure and side intrusion bars. So super safe, sleek and super fast? What more could a girl want? Now all I have to do is try and work out a way for me to keep the car a little longer…..hmm.

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