“My share house hell!” (cont’d)

June 24, 2003

“I moved in with this girl who was basically looking for a new best friend. From day one she was telling me all the details of her personal life ? nothing was sacred to this girl. She talked about the affair she was having with a married man, she talked about how she had slept with this guy from work who really lived her but she said she couldn?t go out with him because his penis was too small! And this was all in the first week of me living there. Talk about over-sharing! It was so exhausting!” Lee.”I once lived with a man with bad feet who used to cut his toenails in the lounge and leave the bits and washed his smelly socks in the kitchen sink each night.” Jo.

“I was living with a hippy chick who would corner me in the kitchen and say “You only have a cold because your inner child is crying – you need to call your mother and ask if there are any unresolved leftovers from your childhood.” Rhonda.

“I once lived with a girl who told me she hated washing up, but I soon found out she hated everything…cleaning, grocery shopping etc. I ended up having to do everything and her room emitted a v. bad smell, I was embarrassed to have people over!” Lisa.

“My last flatmate was a total freak. When I moved in she told me to keep all my kitchen stuff – plates, glasses etc, packed away because they didn’t need anything else in the kitchen. Then later she complained that everything in the house was hers and that I hadn’t contributed to the house! Mad.” Ella.

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