Nanny Daisy wants Jude back

February 7, 2006

Nanny Daisy wants Jude back

Daisy Wright, the nanny behind the original break up of Jude Law and Sienna Miller, has spoken out over her continuing love for Jude. She told News of the World: “I still love him passionately. I think he was the man for me ? the man I could have settled down and had children with. I don’t want to go out partying. I just want the same things Jude does.” She said her affair with Jude began in America last year after she overheard an argument he was having with Sienna over the phone. She went into the room to see if he was alright, but he beckoned her over to him and pulled her up to him. “I sat on his knee with my legs around his waist and he asked if I was having trouble sleeping. Then we lay down together and slowly, gently started to make love to each other.? He apparently told her: ?I adore being with you, you are my perfect woman.? Now Sienna and Jude have split again, Daisy is hoping Jude will realise she really is the perfect woman and come back to her. “Jude always told me, ?I love you because you’re normal.’ Well, this normal girl would love a future with him.” Maybe he might have before you told the world about his bedroom style, Daisy.

Brittany?s white winter wedding
Brittany Murphy has bucked the standard wedding tradition of a floral spring wedding by choosing to have her nuptials in the middle of winter. “When I was a little girl, I always wanted a winter wedding at the Plaza Hotel. I always loved the winter and snow in New York City.? She said she?s still in planning mode, and loves the whole experience. “I have a whole stack of bridal magazines. I’m thrilled about it.” She said she knew fianc? Joe Macaluso was the one for her as soon as she met him however she insisted on taking things slow as she?d just come out of a previous engagement. “I just knew he was a nice guy ? and devastatingly handsome. I asked him to go to the movies and dinner. It was the first time in my life that I ever asked someone on a date,” she recalls. “He didn’t want to be Rebound Guy, but I knew there was some connection there. We made it to date 17 without kissing. It’s a true, old-fashioned romance.” Aw?

Picky Brad
Brad Pitt has turned down US$1million to appear at a German film awards ceremony because he “did not like the sponsor”. He was invited to the Golden Camera film awards however demanded he receive a fee for his time, which he was planning on giving to Angelina Jolie‘s foundation for orphan children. An un-named British company stepped in at the last minute to provide the funds, however Brad?s dislike for the sponsor forced him to renege on the deal. Golden Camera spokesperson Beate Wedekind confirmed the story was true. She said: “It’s all completely true, but I cannot comment on it any more than that. I cannot say who the sponsor was as it is confidential.” Brad Pitt?s spokesperson Cindy Guagenti said that Brad was in Berlin before and after the ceremony as part of a personal business trip, however she refused to comment further. We?re pretty sure those orphans wouldn?t have cared who the sponsor was, Brad.

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