Naomi Campbell’s Extreme Eating Plan

January 29, 2014

Ever wondered what a supermodel’s average day’s eating plan is like? Naomi Campbell has spilled the (organic, sustainable) beans into her eating and fitness habits over a 24-hour day – including up to eight (eight!) detox drinks.

Campbell, 43, recently told Harpers Bazaar US, that her morning routine includes drinking hot water with lemon and probiotics and a green tea, and after a yoga or pilates workout, a juice blend to boost the immune systems, and another with aloe vera.

When Campbell is shooting The Face in New York, she brings her own snacks – walnuts, dates, apricots and lots of dried fruit – as well as a packed lunch. And since she just became vegetarian, that can mean “salad and vegetables or something vegetarian like seitan, which tastes like meat but it’s not”, or more detox juice, plus Smartwater, chamomile or mint tea.

(We’re hungry already).

In the evening, she’ll do a Zumba class, and in true supermodel form, skip dinner . “I don’t really like eating past eight if I can help it. So I prefer to have a big lunch and skip dinner.”

Unless she meets up with friends. “But if I go out to dinner with friends, of course I’m going to eat, but lightly. I usually go with what my friends suggest because I’m traveling constantly. I don’t drink alcohol, but once in a while I’ll have dessert.”

The last dessert she indulged in? Fairy floss. You can’t really imagine Campbell tucking into a giant wedge of banoffee pie, can you?

But even Campbell admits this extreme eating plan, is, well, extreme.

 “I never thought I would ever do it. It was just something I decided to do. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, but I feel lighter and just easier. I think once you clean your intestine, you wanna try and keep it clean.”

What do you think of Naomi Campbell’s diet?

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